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The Scott Lowell Interview, Part II

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"We See the Potential, Too, and We All Want It to Be The Best It Can Be"
C: I was reading your online journal, and you wrote that there were so many people who come up to you and say that they are Ted. And, you know, the thing of it is, I've been Ted. SL: Yeah, everybody has. And, you know, that's what drew me to the character when I first read the script. He seemed so universal to me. And, I think he's, in some ways, kind of the safe character for straight people to attach to, as well. Because, I [remember when] I was first shooting the show, I was describing to a friend of mine the whole episode I had last season with Roger. C: Roger. That's... SL: Roger. That's back in the one with the dating service -- C: Ohhh. Right. SL: The guy who Ted was trying to fall for, but he just wasn't attracted to him. And he ends up kicking him out? C: Yeah. SL: You know, and -- and I'll bring up another story in a second, I promise you -- I described it to my friend, and he was like, God, I've been through the same thing, and I have, too. And the thing of it is, bad sex is just bad sex! And anybody can relate to that kind of feeling, that this person is so nice, I so wish this could work out, we have so much in common, it's just that, I keep focusing on the hair that keeps coming out of his ear, and I just can't do it. Or, you know, something's funky with the breath, and how do you tell them, and I can't do it! And I've kind of learned over time to take these things as little signs from whatever powers that be that this is just not the right person for you right now. But, it's something that everyone can relate to. And I think that most of the things that Ted goes through are that way, and that's why I liked him. And that's why I strongly related to him. And I know that I mentioned it before, but [I remember] when I moved to Los Angeles from Chicago, I completely felt like it destroyed whatever self-esteem I had. I thought I was some hot stud, and I move out [to L.A.], and you know, no one would look twice at me. You know, because I'm still driving the '88 Honda Accord, and -- C: [Laughs] Poor Scott! SL: No, it's okay. [Laughs] It's a phase you go through, but you find it eating away at whatever you've built up within yourself, and you can't help but let it affect you. And I think a lot of people have also been there and understand that. And it's why I also, you know [laughs], I kind of admired Dan and Ron for casting me. Other than just the sheer appreciation of it! When I read the script, and Ted was described as pudgy and balding and all this stuff, and so I didn't think I stood a chance physically, for the character, and I'm used to that. Especially after all the commercial auditions that I've [done] through the years, I'm very used to the fact that some of the casting is arbitrary. I've lost on some commercial work because they thought I was too sephardic-looking to sell their cars.

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