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Life Without Mikey
Ladies and Gentlemen: The winner and still champion, HARVEY "The Torch" FIERSTEIN!!!!!

He won. . .right?

Brian's place. Brian's on a treadmill, staring straight at the blown-up pictures on the wall from the party. You remember - - Mike at different ages, looking all cute and happy, Mike and Brian, Brian and Mike. Brian finally turns off the treadmill and picks up the phone. He dials a number and the screen splits in two to show Mike in his apartment, picking up. Mike says hello, but Brian doesn't say anything. I guess Mikey doesn't have caller ID. Good thing he's moving in with Doctor Dave. I don't really mean that, by the way. That was sarcasm. Brian hangs up without answering, and Mike puts the phone back in its cradle. His apartment zooms over to fit the whole screen. Emmett, leaning in the kitchen doorway, asks who called. Without hesitating, Mike answers, "Brian." Hah! Emmett asks what Brian had to say, and Mike says he didn't say anything; he just hung up. Emmett wants to know how Mike could tell it was Brian. Mike says that Brian breathes funny because of a deviated septum. Emmett drawls, "That's not the only thing about him that's deviated." With some of the outfits Emmett's come up with, he really shouldn't talk. Mike, packing up boxes, wonders what Brian wanted; Emmett hopes he wanted to come over and beg Mike's eternal forgiveness. Not likely. Mike shakes his head, "Brian doesn't do apologies." Brian doesn't do a lot of things -- it's a wonder he still does breathing. Emmett says that he certainly should, but Mike replies that it's too late, "he pushed too hard, and now the game is over." I can't believe he doesn't have a clue about what's actually going on. That was fairly random fuckwittage, even for Brian, ya know? Mike says that it doesn't matter, because he's going to be too busy being happy with David to be sad about Brian. Ick. Emmett smiles, "Who would have ever believed it -- you, a married lady!" Mike sighs, hand on his chest, "I prefer the term 'domestic partner.'" Emmett chuckles, and Mike continues, "Who cares what it's called, as long as I have David." Awww. Ick. Emmett cheers, "And I have the apartment!" Mike says that now Emmett can bring home all the tricks he wants without worrying about waking Mike up. Emmett smiles tightly and says that they'll see about that. Mike closes up the last box, and is about to get all sentimental when he remembers he still has to take the big Captain Astro mural off the wall. Emmett gets up to help. Mike nods, "I guess that's really it." Emmett kisses him on the cheek and tells him that he'll always have a place to come back to, which Mike appreciates, since he's, uh, still paying half the rent. Mike starts to hit Emmett in the butt with Captain Astro's hand, until Emmett tells him to knock it off: "It's too early for fisting." Mike laughs that it's never too early for fisting, but I gotta tell you, it is in my house. But live and let live.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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