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Hi, I'm Pamie. For those of you who have asked, it's pronounced "Pam -- ee." I've recapped several shows, most of them you can see in my staff bio. So, even though I might be new to you, I'm certainly not new around here. Here goes: I've watched every episode of this show. I love season one, but I'm not thrilled with season two. In fact, I can't get anyone to watch the show with me anymore, and my roommate and I used to have lots of fun watching season one together. I think this is because once the show deviated from the UK version, things went down the shitter. I'm scared of Crazy Ted when he gets that porn look in his eye. I think that coma fucked him up a bit. I don't know why Ted's coma didn't seem to stop any of them from abusing drugs (including Brian spiking that punch with E). I hated Hal Sparks on Talk Soup but found him strangely endearing in season one of this show. These days, however, I think his character has lost focus. It was more interesting watching him base his life decisions on the off chance that Brian will pay attention. Now that Brian and Justin are Brian 'N Justin, there's no triangle anymore. What happened with Ted's shrine to Mikey, anyway? I think that Lindsay's character ends up being this peacemaker martyr and never actually has one day of fun in her life. I like Mel, but I wish she had something going on in her life, too. I think Justin is very cute, but this season he's turned into some kind of pouty prick, and I hope this is gearing up to be a backlash against Brian for ruining this kid's childhood. Your first love shouldn't ever be this fucked up. I mean, it always is, but nobody does anything to stop it. I love Emmett, and I'm glad they're finally giving him some storylines (because that cybersex episode in season one was the strangest and stupidest thing I ever saw, with the entire relationship happening in thirty minutes at the bar?). I'm a straight female, so even though I'm not this show's target audience, I'm certainly its demographic. I watch these days because I like the naked, pretty men, and I keep hoping the show will make me laugh again like it used to. I used to think this was the male answer to Sex and the City, but now I think it's the subscription cable answer to Undressed. Are you ready? Here we go.

Previously: Ted said he wouldn't date a man who's HIV-positive. Debbie was outraged until she found out that Ben is positive. Lindsay's mom wouldn't give the girls any money for their wedding because it's not "real." Lindsay's dad just sat quietly, waiting for his moment in a few episodes when he'll do something terribly "Daddy-like" and save the day, I'm sure. Ted and Emmett argued over whether it's the brain or the cock that makes JerkAtWork.net (Why the .net?) such a success. Debbie wished her son weren't gay. Mikey heard this and stormed up to his room. Debbie told Mikey not to date Ben. Mikey didn't care what his mother said. Ben and Mikey got as far as shirts off and zippers down before Mikey freaked out and told Ben he couldn't have sex with him.

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