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Meanwhile, back at the Wedding from Hell, the reception is in full swing. Straight people are dancing badly to the Go-Gos. Are they ripping on the Go-Gos? As if things aren't bad enough. At the gift table, Lindsay and Melanie start tossing the boxes around a little. "At the first marriage, she was registered at Tiffany's," Lindsay giggles. "The second, Pottery Barn. The third, The Big Q." There might be a double meaning in that, as we'll see in a moment. Melanie, with just a hint of sour grapes, replies, "Pathetic, isn't it? Straight people and their silly little rituals?" Uh huh. Like Jewish people and their silly little brises? Whatever. Ted walks up and reminds her that if she and St. L. could get married, they would. Melanie gripes that they can't, however, "so what's the point?" Because if they can't, then no one should, right? Melanie takes a drag on her cigarette. Lindsay reminds her that "the bride requested no smoking." Melanie snorts, "Fuck the bride!" The Bride immediately walks up behind her. Lynette looks like she's Lindsay's older sister by a bit. At least she's not wearing a white dress this time. Melanie says that it was a beautiful wedding. Lindsay adds, "Just like they've all been." No one's forcing you to be there, Lindsay. Ted says that the chicken was really good. Lynette tells him it was a capon. Ted replies, "Well, it tasted just like chicken." Hee. In the bushes, Emmett's giving the usher a blowjob. He stands up, daintily wipes the corners of his mouth, and makes to join the others at the table. Melanie tries to cover her remark: "I was just saying, you must really be looking forward to the honeymoon. Where are you off to this time?" Bwa ha ha! Lynette refuses to take the bait, and delightedly tells them that she and her new husband are going to Borneo. Ted: "Don't they have a lot of pigs there?" Always room for two more, I'm sure. Emmett finally joins them, saying that he's having a much better time than he thought he would. Ted points out that he missed a spot on his mouth. Is there a per-recap limit for the word "eww"? Lynette invites them to come in for the cake cutting. Lindsay's giving the toast. Lynette pulls Lindsay aside and thanks her for not embarrassing her: "Not that I have anything against Melanie, and I adore Gus, but considering it is my wedding...after all, I just didn't see any reason to be subjected to --" Lindsay cuts in to say, "An undignified display of my private life?" Even though Lynette's invited everyone to an undignified display of hers, of course. And made her parents pay for it, even. Lynette laughs uncomfortably, touches her much younger sister briefly on the cheek, and goes back into the hall.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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