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Justin walks down the street, and starts to freak out a little at how many people are there. He edges away from them through a series of nauseating jump-cuts. Someone taps him on the shoulder and asks if he's all right; Justin screams at the guy not to touch him, and runs down the street.

Meanwhile, in Woody's, Brian's downing shots while Michael frowns at him. Brian asks, "So, how are the boys in Portland? I bet with all that rain, they have perfect peach and cream cheeks." Mike says he "hasn't had a chance to do a butt check" while checking out the butt of some tall stud walking by. Brian notices what happened, but doesn't say anything. Mike continues that he and the Demon have "better ways of spending their time." Brian's all, like what? Oh, you know, cooking, reading, and listening to music. Brian snorts, "And then checking each other's pulses to make sure you're still alive?" Hey, don't knock it. Brian adds, "If it was me, I'd be out all night, topping the tall timbers." Mike: "Yeah, well, that's why we have environmental protection laws." Brian: "You know, Mikey, tell me. Does a lumberjack off?" No, tell me: Was it really this hard to fill an hour of screen time? I'm just saying, if an episode is going to be this bad, they should have way more naked men. Mike's had enough, and asks Brian what's going on. Mike points out that Brian is a "fall-down mess." Brian mumbles that he's "beautiful. I'll always be beautiful. You said so yourself." He offers Mike a popper. Mike refuses, then repeats, for the umpteenth time, that Brian's cut himself off from everyone, and drinking way more than he usually does; he suggests that Brian might need to seek professional help. Brian angrily rejects that notion. He's fine, dammit! Fine! So Mike can just go back to Portland and his domestic life with the Demon and leave Brian alone! Mike asks, again, why Brian hasn't gone to see Justin. Brian snaps that there isn't anything he can do for Justin, and stalks off. Of course, he is seeing Justin, so the question is, what is seeing Justin doing for Brian, and why he doesn't want Justin to see him? No one's going to get around to asking that, either. Justin walks into Woody's and is immediately surrounded by a group of people who recognize him from the news. Justin freaks out some more, and tells everyone to get away from him, backing up until he's finally cowering in a corner, facing the wall. Mike pushes through the crowd to get to the boy, and quietly identifies himself. Justin turns around just as Brian comes back to the bar. Justin's and Brian's eyes meet. Our old friend The Zoom Flash confirms Brian's surprise.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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