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The Taylor condo. I guess Jennifer had to sell the house. Take note that at no time will Justin's father be mentioned. What was his response to the attack? Was he sympathetic to Hobbes? Or would the attack have drawn him and Justin closer together? Do you think we'll ever find out? Me neither. Debbie and Vic fight their way to the front door through a throng of reporters. One of them knocks into Vic, who knocks into Debbie just as Jennifer opens the door. They walk up the stairs into the apartment as Jennifer explains that the hospital must have tipped off the reporters. Jennifer notices that Debbie has spilled marinara sauce all over the front of her shirt. It looks like there's blood all over her. This will be important later. Debbie tells Jennifer that they have a lot of people coming to the courtroom for the sentencing. Jennifer says that she and Justin aren't going, actually. Debbie is disappointed, but understands. After commenting on all the food they brought, Jennifer anxiously says that she hasn't been able to get Justin to eat. Behind them, Justin replies, "Of course I'll eat." Justin has his right hand stuck in his sweatshirt pocket. Jennifer nervously tells him that she thought he was taking a nap. Justin says he's fine: "Don't I look it?" Vic tells him that he does, indeed. Debbie tears up a little bit, and opens up her arms to give Justin a hug. Justin sees the stain on her shirt and freaks, curling up in a ball and jumping away from her. Jennifer calmly tells him that it's just marinara sauce. Debbie's devastated once she realizes what happened, but she and Vic finally rally and call everyone over to the table to eat.

Later that evening, Daphne drives Justin around as he kvetches about the visit. "'Honey.' 'Sweetheart.' 'Sunshine.' Chris Hobbes bashes me in the head, and suddenly everyone wants to infantilize me!" Daphne points out that he could have died. Justin sarcastically replies, "I was there." Daphne says that everyone's going to freak when they realize he bailed. Justin says he left a note: "Back soon. Love and kisses." Daphne giggles, 'cause Justin's soooo cool. Three guesses as to where they're headed. Yup. Daphne drops Justin off on Liberty Avenue, at exactly the same spot we first saw him in the series premiere. Justin awkwardly puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights it. Daphne asks, "Will you be okay?" Oh, sure. He just got out of the hospital, he can only use one hand, he's obsessing over Brian, and it's his first time outside in over a month. He'll be fine. Don't worry your pretty little head about it. Justin says that he's not sure if he'll be okay, but he must. Find. BRIAN. Daphne doesn't offer to park the car and hang out with him until he does or doesn't find Brian, like an actual friend would. She's just CowLip's taxi service. Bye, Daphne.

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