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Behind a glass window at the hospital, Brian watches Justin toss and turn in his sleep. Brian pulls away from the window and snorts a popper. A nurse standing nearby asks Brian, "Crummy day?" Brian shrugs, "Yeah, but what's a little rain?" That will be his best line tonight. Cherish it. And wouldn't visiting hours be, like, way over? How did Brian even get up there? Anyway, the nurse offers Brian some tea. Brian doesn't answer. She offers him some soup. Brian doesn't answer some more, but kind of shakes his head. These two are obviously familiar with each other, though. The nurse tells Brian that the nurse who works the floor on Tuesdays and Thursdays said that Justin's motor skills are improving. But Justin tends to have temper tantrums when he gets frustrated. More new information. Brian, still trying to act like he doesn't care, says that there must be something the hospital can give Justin to calm him down. The nurse replies that "drugs can't solve everything." Brian snorts, "Where did you hear that?" The nurse casually replies, "If you ask me, what would help him the most is if he knew that you came here every --" Brian snaps, "No." And then proceeds to light a cigarette. In a hospital ward. He's polite enough, on the nurse's look, to offer her one. She declines. He scowls about the no-smoking-in-the-hospital rule. Ass. As the nurse walks away, Brian goes back to staring at Justin through the window.

Liberty Diner. Cut to Debbie, all P-FLAG'ed out, arms open wide. Christ, her t-shirt says, "I love my penis!" I shudder to think which one she claims is hers. If it's Mike's, this might explain a lot. Debbie exclaims, "Come and give your mother a hug!" Mike cautiously asks, "Promise to let me go this time?" Debbie promises, then wraps him up in a big ole hug. Feeling his back, she complains that Mike's lost a lot of weight. From the back of the room, Melanie calls, "What the hell have you been eating out there, nuts and berries?" She and Lindsay get up from a booth they're sharing with Gus, and take their turns giving Mike a hug. They're both wearing tank-top-y shirts, no bras, and tight jeans. They look damn good, too. Debbie says that she'll get him something to eat. Mike wanders over to the booth and asks what's up with all the papers on the table. Lindsay expositions that Chris Hobbes's sentencing is coming up in a few days, and the three women are organizing the local gay-friendly community to fill up the courtroom. Mike kisses Melanie on the cheek and says that Justin's lucky to have her looking after him. Melanie gripes that Brian, however, hasn't been to see Justin once! St. L. adds that every time they visit, Justin just wants to know where Brian is. Mel snarls, "Getting his dick sucked, that's where's Brian." St. L. ('cause the "L" still stands for "love") says that she's not sticking up for him, but she understands how hard this might be for Brian; furthermore, she compares his experience to that of combat veterans, and says that it might just "be too painful for him to have to face." Right. Or he could just be an ass. Show of hands? Debbie snorts, "To see a poor, hurt kid?" Mike shakes his head, "You weren't there that night, you didn't see Brian. In shock, with blood all over him? It was like he got the shit beat out of him, too." But he didn't. This is not Brian Kinney's tragedy. Debbie snorts, "If you ask me, he's still an asshole." Word. Lindsay and Mel break up the tension by getting ready to go, going on about "getting their hair done," "getting their manicures," "before [their] dates arrive!" Mike's all, say what? Lindsay's sister is getting married, and Melanie adds, "And the less said, the better." I couldn't agree more.

At the hospital, Jennifer Taylor talks to Justin's doctor outside the physical therapy room. They watch Justin try to roll a tennis ball with his partially paralyzed right hand. Wait, wasn't he hit on the right side of his head? Which would control the left side of his body? I assume the laws of biology are being broken here, because Justin draws with his right hand, so now he won't be able to. They couldn't have just had Chris Hobbes hit Justin on the left side of his head? Perhaps there is another explanation. We're not going to get it, though. Did CowLip really think no one was going to notice? The doctor asks Jennifer whether Justin always pushes himself so hard. Jennifer tells him how Justin learned to ride his first two-wheel bike by jumping on it one day and trying to pedal. He fell down many, many times, and wouldn't ask for help. He finally figured it out on his own -- broken, bloodied, but unbowed. She says, "He hasn't changed. When he wants something, he won't stop until he gets it." We know. The doctor says that it's paying off, though; Justin's well enough to go home. Jennifer starts to thank him when the tennis ball slips out of Justin's fingers and he yells in frustration. Jennifer asks the doctor whether he's sure Justin's ready. The doc says he's going to have to come in regularly for therapy, but, yeah, he's ready. Inside the room, the therapist presents Justin with a box of paper clips, spreading some of them on the table. Jennifer and the doctor watch Justin slowly pick up individual paper clips and put them back into the box. So, someone took enough time to figure out what type of physical therapy Justin would have, but not how to explain why he's been hit on the wrong side of his head. Excellent.

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