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Once they're alone, Jennifer says, "The day they sent him home from the hospital, the doctor said he'd never seen such a determined patient, and then he asked what it was that made him work so hard. It was you. Every day that you didn't come to see him was more incentive for him to get better so he could get out and see you. Of course, what Justin didn't know, and I didn't tell him, was that you were there, every night. The nurse on duty told me. I want to thank you for that. But he's home now, safe and sound, and there isn't any reason anymore for you to watch over him, so I would like you to leave. And never see him again." Brian says that he cares about Justin. Jennifer snaps that it was because of Brian that Justin was almost killed. Uh. No, it wasn't. Brian takes it, though. Jennifer apologizes "for being so blunt," adding, "I've tried to accept him for who he is. To accept your world and his part in it. I've even tried to accept you. And as a result, I nearly lost him. And I don't intend to lose him again. And so, if you really care about him, and I believe you do, you'll do what I ask, and return my son to me." Baby, your "son" is long gone. In what universe does she think Justin's going to accept this? Brian tries to come up with something to say, but finally just hands her the whiffle ball and walks to his car. Looking down the street, he sees two boys tossing a baseball to each other. Brian takes a depth breath, gets into the Jeep, and drives away.

Next week: Debbie yells at Mike to get over the Demon and get on with his life; Ted gets fired; Mike and Emmett become naked waiters; Justin throws many tantrums out of frustration. And that's before he finds out that Jennifer told Brian to go away. Drama! I cross my fingers for a good episode. I'd even settle for a better one.

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