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Justin nods and changes the subject, sort of, telling Brian that he doesn't really remember anything. The last thing he recalls is Brian saying that he wasn't going to go to the prom. "But they say that you did show up after all," Justin adds. "And that we danced together. And that was amazing. Daphne said that we were amazing." Brian puts a lump in my throat by answering softly, "We were all right." Justin grins and then shakes his head, "Shit." He adds, "I wish I could remember that." Justin continues by saying that he walked Brian to the Jeep, and then Chris bashed his head in with a baseball bat. Brian thought Justin couldn't remember anything. Justin reminds him that this is just what he's been told: "It's like a story that happened to somebody else." Brian snaps, "Yeah, well, I can remember. I can remember everything!" He stalks dramatically out to the middle of the loft, and with his back turned to Justin continues, "I saw him. He was coming after you with the bat. But he was moving too fast, and you were too far away." We get flashbacks to that scene as Brian describes it: "And I ran, but there was no time to stop him. And then he swung, and it was too late. There was nothing I could do. And you just lay there on the cold cement." Justin tells Brian that it wasn't his fault. Brian doesn't respond. Justin moves around so they're facing each other, and repeats that it wasn't Brian's fault. Brian's having problems looking at him. Justin cautiously takes Brian by the shoulders, repeating, "It wasn't your fault" a couple more times. Justin finally hugs Brian, who tentatively hugs him back. One hour. One good scene. I see hiring all those new writers really helped.

The once and future home of Mike and Emmett. Emmett comes back from the wedding, bouquet and usher in tow. The usher's carrying a piece of cake, which Emmett takes from him to give to Michael. He opens the door to Mike's bedroom and finds him having sex with the guy he was checking out at Woody's. Emmett quietly closes the door.

Outside the condo, Brian drops Justin off. Justin thanks him: "For saving me." Brian says that he didn't save him. Justin replies that he was talking about tonight. I'm not sure what he means; Mike's the one who pushed away the crowds at Woody's. Sweet thing to say, but incomprehensible. Nothing new. Moving on. Justin asks if he'll see Brian again, and Brian agrees. Possibly another parallel to last year's premiere, when Brian answered the same question, "You'll see me in your dreams." Justin tells him not to wait too long: "At this rate, who knows how long I'll be around?" Brian winces. Justin chuckles. That didn't make any sense, either. Jennifer opens the door right as Justin walks up, and rails at him for leaving. She briefly glares at Brian before pushing Justin inside the house.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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