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Oh, they're shoveling it, all right

Bird-watching, if his primary goal is tracking the mysterious movements of the rare and elusive Loony Bird, Huey narrates for our benefit: "Shadrack, picking up cans." Shhh! You'll scare him away! The Loony Bird is so beautiful in its natural environment, isn't it? We cut to another shot of Dewey and Louie (oh, never mind the money-swimming theory…they're all there) responding, "A destitute simpleton. Inconsequential." Dewey or Louie (whatever. They were stupid nicknames anyway) takes a slug of what appears to be vitamin water of some kind and thinks about giving someone that damn bullshit electrolytes speech about how it's better for you than water. But he saves himself from the wrath of a considerable beverage rage I didn't know I had in me by announcing into his cell phone, "What do you say we grab some Coronas?" Corona LLC cuts a check, and it's not enough to cover the cost of building a whole casino set for a show that's getting axed tomorrow. And the juice flavor is fucking orange and we fucking get it.

Three shiny black cars drive past Shadrack, who pushes his Loony Bin off the street and into a sandy nook. He grabs a shovel and starts digging. In fast diggy motion! This camera work has blown my mind! I think I'm seeing double! Good thing I'm playing the role of Guy From The Past who was cryogenically frozen five minutes before TV was invented and woke up just in time for this episode of Push, Nevada to start. Good thing for that. Inside a bag inside Shadrack's Loony Bin, we suddenly spy ourselves a dusty copy of The Holy Bible -- signed by the author -- which Shadrack peers at nervously. He peers around. He peers at the Bible. Let's try a mating call and see if we can get his attention. Hey, Loony Bird! Caw! Caw!

I have lost my mind.

Jim's Vintagemobile lumbers into town, Jim stating definitively into his cell phone, "Oswald Wilkes." He spells it, because no one with a fourth-grade education has the faintest idea of how to spell the last name shared by a man who assassinated a standing president. "Pull up his 1040s for the past five years and check with the Department of Justice for any criminal history." Like the whole president-killing thing, for example. But there's more multitasking to be done, Jim adding, "As a matter of fact, do the same for Silas Bodnick." He doesn't spell it, so that must be the name of the guy who did in McKinley. Wait. Was McKinley assassinated? Maybe if we wait around long enough, we can ask Jim's dad, as flashbacks indicate he was alive during that long-gone period of American history. ["Or we can wait for a character named Sirhan Czolgosz to show up." -- Sars] He threatens to wrap up his call once more, but just at this moment he sees Taudrey walk past his car, and he mumbles, "Mary." Odd, with a name like Taudrey, but a man in love can sure do some crazy things. She's wearing black sunglasses and wearing a strappy black sundress (is there such a thing as that?), and Jim continues on, "Mary…forget it, I don't have a full name." No last name, eh? Of course you do. It's "Horne."

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Push, Nevada




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