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Previously: The designers competed to be featured in USA Today. Laura Kathleen is an asshole and everyone hates her. Anthony Ryan won the challenge! Joshua got lambasted for his super tacky design, but it was Andrae -- with his wacky paneled look -- who was eliminated. I actually like the idea of an outfit that is changeable like that; it's like you're wearing the house in Clue. It's actually not like that at all, but if you committed a crime somewhere, it would be a helluva a lot easier to escape unnoticed if you could slip behind a corner and, I don't know, remove your butt panel and make it a wrist cuff. No one would know who you were then. Unless, of course, there were some fancy retinal scanner things or finger print readers around. Seriously, if that's the case, you're fucked and maybe you should have done some research and crime doesn't pay unless you are organized. So Andrae is now free to continue to be a unicorn in his personal life.

Do you notice how they say that the winning designer will "have the chance" to design for Nine West? Does this mean that they can't force them to design for Nine West? I think they should be able to force them. Carolyn greets the designers on the runway wearing white slacks and a black tuxedo vest with no bra on underneath. I can't stop saying that she's beautiful so please don't ask me to stop. The designers ooh and ahh at her sideboob and Laura Kathleen says "Wow" with that insanely nasal voice of hers. Carolyn reminds us that there are only nine designers left. This challenge involves one of the fashion world's biggest current trends, androgyny. Some are excited, some not. Ivy informs us that androgyny means that whatever the silhouette, the look could be worn by a man or a woman. Joshua says that he loves androgyny. No he doesn't. He loves 1980s women from Miami. There's nothing androgynous about that. Carolyn continues and says that their looks should include masculine and feminine characteristics. Laura Kathleen is worried. She interviews that nothing about her aesthetic if androgynous, so she's not sure what she's going to do. Carolyn says that they shouldn't limit themselves -- they should create avant-garde looks. Anthony Ryan hears this as the judges saying that they want to see something new and fresh. They will get $150 to spend at Mood, and then the rest of the day to work on their looks.

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