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Sandro's gone, but everyone's still talking about him. I realize it was dramatic and all that, but he's last week's news. Let's move on, people.

Everyone assembles at the runway so Heidi can completely fail to explain the challenge. Instead, she's sending them to meet Tim and a special guest in the meatpacking district, where all will be revealed. Thanks for nothing, Heidi!

The meatpacking district! Tim introduces everyone to the Corporate Marketing Director for a particular kind of car. I decline to tell you what car, because the car company's not paying me. The designers will be working in teams of three this time out. Ken, Alexandria and Sue are a team, and Ken is unhappy about this. Sue asks him if he'll be the chauffeur, which I take to be a reference to his race. Classy! The next team is Kate, Jeremy and Karen. That seems fine. Justin, Dom and Helen are next, and that leaves Alexander, Justin and Miranda.

Each team will create "a luxurious, high-end mini-collection that is three looks." Each designer does one look. If the designers want, they can use these cars as inspiration. Or don't; nobody cares. The recommended material budget is $1500, and there's a whole thing about reimbursement because everybody has separate accounts. Each of the cars has three places programmed into the navigation system, and the teams will select two of them to be the source of their materials.

Because it's yet another Unconventional Materials Challenge. Am I crazy for thinking it would be nice to see what these designers can make out of regular fabric? Well, that's not happening this time, because they get to choose two of the following three places: a vintage wallpaper store, a specialty food store and "a combination home goods and party store." Wait, "vintage wallpaper"? Come on, that's not a thing, is it? And they have one day.

Okay, let's talk strategy. Obviously the wallpaper store and the home goods store both have plenty of things that could be used as textiles, right? But that means that everyone's going to go for them. If you want to stand out, I saw you go to the food store and try to weave a dress out of apple peels or something.

Now there's a segment where people pretend to take inspiration from their cars. Bradon wants to go all-white. There's a lady giving sign language for Justin; I hadn't noticed her there in previous days. Okay, everybody go! Drive your cars! There's a lot of talk about how Ken is screwed by working with Sue and Alexandria. Ken is one of the people that says this.

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