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Mondo said he was trying to make a classy party dress. Nina likes the transformation from the former incarnation. Cynthia doesn't like the styling of his girl's hair, but she thinks the dress is hot.

Valerie explains that she used color blocking to bring in the model's silhouette, but Michael says that it did just the opposite. All of the judges think she really screwed up with the top. Heidi offers that she doesn't hate the dress as much as everyone else does.

Heidi thinks that Other Michael's look is hip and fresh. Michael thinks that it's interesting and expensive. Cynthia loves the fit and how short it is. They're going to love this backstage. No one can even smile when Other Michael tells how the judges loved his look.

The judges confer. Heidi loves that Other Michael is succeeding after his teammates ragged on him. Heidi liked Christopher's dress, but Michael and Nina only liked the idea behind it. Nina loves the transformation of Mondo's look.

Michael thought that Valerie's look was that of a really bad tennis dress. Ew. They hate the boob work. They think Cute Michael made a mistake adding cheap fabric to his look. Peach is going home. That's all there is to it. They hate EVERYTHING. Sad. Michael doesn't think she has taste.

The designers come back to the stage. Gretchen freaks out that Other Michael is doing well again. Ha! Onstage, Other Michael wins! Crazy. I love this. They're just antagonizing us or something. He interviews that he could just go home now. No one and I mean NO ONE congratulates him backstage, except for Casanova.

Now, it's back to the losers. Valerie is in, which leaves us with Peach and Cute Michael. Why play? Peach is totes leaving. She knows it. We all know it. Cute Michael hugs Peach before he leaves. She's such an amazing sport. She tells the judges that she's had the time of her life. She tells us that she has had a blast. Backstage, April is upset because she is losing her anchor. Mondo tells her that she made the experience great for all of them. She asks who will be the Fairy Dragmother with her gone! Ha! Tim comes in and whisks her away. She gives him a huge hug and he tells her she's a gem. She says that she's glad she wasn't the person complaining about being tired. She kept up with the kids and she thinks her husband and daughter will be proud of her. We all are, Peach!!

Jeff Long is an actor/writer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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