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On the runway, Heidi tells everyone that Mondo got the most votes at the showcase. She introduces Michael, Nina and Cynthia Rowley. Mondo's dress is first in the show and it's awesome. It's graphic black and pink and fits like a glove. It's one-shouldered and there's maybe a little too much going on up there on that shoulder. In a way that makes it still look a little like a bridesmaid dress. Nah, it's pretty cool. Ivy made pants and a loose top. It looks rigorous, but I'm not sure the fit on the pants is great. Valerie should have taken the large bust of her client into account more. It makes her design seem matronly and not very special. Gretchen's look is pretty great. The dress is completely transformed. It looks young, hip and loose now. Andy dyed his girl's dress and now it's short shorts and a tight top. It looks very cute. Up next is Other Michael's look. Hmm. It's cute. The stuff that he added looks a little sophisticated too. Christopher's dress is cute too. It has a some remnants of bridesmaid feeling about it, but that doesn't mean it's not a cute dress. Here's Cute Michael's dress and I think it's just fine. He put this netting over the pink dress and made a little shrug. Maybe the netting is ugly in person. I don't know. I think he really flattered his girl though. Casanova's look is next and it's really chic! Tight pants and a shapeless one-shouldered top. April's look is next and it's also chic. It looks very Parisian with large shoulders and a tiny waist. And a short skirt.

After the show, April, Ivy, Andy, Gretchen and Casanova are free to go. Backstage, we get to see the peanut gallery try to decide who's in the top and who's in the bottom. I guess I see the appeal of this, but is this why this show lasts for 17 hours now? So I can see Gretchen talk about how Other Michael made ALL of the wrong choices? Because, I no wanna.

The judges think Cutie's dress was prettier before. He explains that he couldn't afford silk chiffon. His girl says she likes the dress and it's a lot more comfortable after the changes. Cutie says with all seriousness (I mean it, there was no seriousness left after this) that he would NOT put his girl in a dress that made her uncomfortable.

Christopher describes how he had to make his dress more tailored. Michael kind of likes it, but thinks it's kind of bipolar. Cynthia thinks that it's perfect. Nina likes the top but not the bottom. Heidi is into it.

Peach says that she tried to show off her model's shoulders. Michael says that he loves the hair... and that's it. He thinks the top is Holly Hobby, which I say makes it AWESOME. But, that's just me. Michael hates the stuff that she put on her hips and he is very simply right. He says it looks like she has an avocado goiter. Peach is so good-natured, she's actually laughing along with his jabs. Peach says that she got lost.

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