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The next morning, Peach is still in a frenzy. She's pretty sure she's going to be in the bottom at judging, but she hopes that there will be some dresses that are worse than hers. At the workroom, they fit the models and get ready for the showcase. Other Michael is happy with the changes he made. Valerie seems doubtful about her look.

So, next they're at this gallery space with tons of people lined up outside. Tim explains that each visitor will have a button that they will place in a fishbowl near their favorite design. That means these bitches gotta WORK. The doors open and Valerie says that she gets a lot of good response but not a lot of buttons. Other Michael gets a lot of both. Also, he notices that Gretchen's model's breasts are showing from the side of her look. Not good. Peach actually manages to do a pretty good job selling her look, though it is troubled. Even though we don't see any evidence, Ivy tells Valerie that Other Michael is telling people that she's the bitch of this season. Well, he'd be correct. But, again, we didn't see that. Ivy is outraged though.

The next day, that runway show is happening. Andy tells Other Michael that he heard that Other was talking about Ivy. He denies it and interviews that he would never do that, considering how hard they all work. This is boring. Ivy says that she's not going to confront him. I tell you, when I think of Ivy, I think of all high roads.

At the workroom, it looks like everybody is feeling pretty good, even Peach. April notices that she's struggling though. So, in the sewing room, Other Michael says to Ivy that he heard about the whole button controversy rumor and he didn't talk shit about her at the showcase. She interviews that she doesn't believe him because Other Michael doesn't exhibit good character. Really? Ivy is holding onto reality with like tweezers or something. She says stuff that fucking weirds me out in its lack of awareness. What bad character has he shown? Winning a challenge that she wanted to win? Having the nerve to not get kicked off the show? Not knowing how to do something (sew) that I'm sure he would love to know how to. Later, Gretchen asks why Other Michael would say that in front of everyone. Cutie says it's because he's an idiot. Either these people are nakedly jealous and need to get a quick hold of themselves or Other Michael is pooping in their shoes at night or something and we, the viewers, are not privy to said pooping.

They're all scrambling to get ready. Valerie is not happy with her look. Cutie is still unsure. His girl is happy, but it's still a huge sin and possible felony to be chubby. Andy thinks Cutie handled this challenge with "grace." Outrageous. Fine, maybe he was graceful about it, but it's not like he saved an orphan or something.

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