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Tim is actually entering now. I wasn't just saying that. Other Michael notes that Gretchen looks worried when she sees Tim and he thinks it's because the Gunn broke her down. He starts with her and tells her that he really likes the hombre effect that she has used on the fabric. He warns her against making the look too athletic and she makes this production about how the judges and Tim always open her mind with the stuff they say. He's like, "That's me job, brioche." She says something about how she doesn't need Tim to be her "emotional mentor," she needs him to help her make an ugly bridesmaid dress into something beautiful. That's a pretty good lesson actually. Then, Gretchen says two seemingly dissimilar thoughts about the world as if they are in fact similar. She says that things happen and you're supposed to reflect AND a scar can become an open wound if you don't let it heal. There's so much there that I don't even know where to begin, except to remind Gretchen that scars are actually healed open wounds. So maybe you can prevent an open wound from becoming a scar by not letting it heal, but, really, it's healed if it's a scar; aside from the aesthetic unpleasantness of scars. Which still doesn't mean you're not healed. It means you're scarred. Help me. Someone.

Cute Michael tries to talk to Tim about his problems, but doesn't want to say anything about his model's size. Tim says that it's an honor to be able to design something beautiful for someone who isn't a sample size. No one really believes that, right? He talks to Other Michael and advises him to tone down his look. Ivy is looking on and thinks that his look is overkill, and it frightens me that she has moved into the territory where she is saying "kill" during thoughts about Other Michael. This may be going too far. Mondo's look appears to be really successful. Peach is freaking out. She doesn't like the print she's using. Tim tries to lead her in the right direction. He loves what Casanova is putting together and he still seems surprised to get compliments. Valerie is having problems. Her dress is looking very pedestrian.

Afterwards, Tim tells them that the next day will not be a runway day. Instead, there will be a designer showcase and hundreds of people have been invited. Everyone seems freaked. Then, the ladies come in for fittings. Cutie's girl seems thrilled with her dress and he suddenly feels more positive about things, at least positive that he can defend himself in front of the judges. April's girl keeps asking for changes, so April has to remind the lady that the competition is actually about her. Other Michael pared down his adornments, but his client still wanted some of them. So, he's going to add them. Peach is having troubles. She made a cutting error and she's running out of fabric.

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