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At the runway, Heidi reminds everyone that Casanova has immunity. Then, she says that the designers will be working with new models for this challenge. Then, these ladies all walk out in ridiculous dresses -- clearly bridesmaids dresses. Why do people do this to their friends? Andy interviews that he's freaking out because the dresses are so hideous. When they are all in place, Heidi jokingly asks how everyone likes the dresses. She assumes that the designers have figured out what kind of dresses they are. Casanova probably is thinking, "This dress you wear to pick up mail from box of mail, yes?" But, he doesn't say it out loud. Heidi adds that the women on the runway were all told the lie that they would be able to wear their dresses again. The challenge is to create a look for these women that they would want to, well, wear. Christopher wonders why all brides want their attendants to look horrible. When you put it like that, I guess it makes sense. It's THEIR day and all that bullshit. The women all introduce themselves and one woman dryly notes that she has a vertical bow on her chest. This gets a big laugh from everyone. Valerie says that, just as the designers have gotten comfortable with their models, the producers are all like evil laugh.

Now's it's time to match the designers up with the bridesmaids. Casanova chooses first and explains that he just chose the thinnest girl. He didn't care about the dress. So, this is how this is gonna go down? Not really. The others seem to be more drawn to features in the dresses. Mondo chooses a gown of rosy pink, but when the lady wearing it walks away, you see that there is a strip of white on the back! He's mortified. Cute Michael is the last designer to be matched with a gown and he gets the one worn by the largest girl. I guess you can't blame the designers, but it seriously is like clockwork with how they can't stand designing for full-figured peeps. Cutie is upset that he has the worst dress.

Back at the workroom, the designers have the dresses on mannequins -- mannequins that are screaming. Tim enters and says the garments are horrible. I wonder if any of the brides are watching and what they must think. Tim is kind enough to place the blame on the "bridesmaid dress industry." He says that a rule of the challenge is that most of the finished design should consist of the current dress. Then, he sends in the ladies to be consulted. First though, he introduces Christopher to his new model wearing a new dress. His other girl got "cold feet." I'm guessing fear of reprisal from the bride? Anyway, the new dress is totally different and I feel really bad for Christopher.

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