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Previously: Gretchen wrested control of her team in order to lead them to a huge loss. Casanova won his first challenge! Everyone on Gretchen's team was horribly mean to Other Michael and it seemed pretty bad. I write "seemed" because I can't be entirely sure that I wouldn't have hated on him a little too, but Ivy was a stone cold bitch and we all know that now. Anyway, the sins of Team Luxe visited upon A.J. and he went home.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Cute Michael is chipper, thought he notes that waking up there is like being trapped in hell. That's no good. Christopher is lying paralyzed in his bed and says that group work is excruciating. Someone asks Casanova if he feels like a winner and he does. He interviews that the best part of winning a challenge is the immunity. He hopes that it will help him be more confident, presumably for this next challenge but maybe he just means in general.

Peach and April are having their daily coffee clatch. Peach remarks that yesterday's runway was ugly. They both agree that, had Other Michael not been immune, he would have gone home. April, apparently still smarting from seeing her friend A.J. go home or perhaps just not a morning person, says that Other Michael would have deserved to go home for not knowing how to fucking sew. Meanwhile, Ivy is still bitching to Valerie that Other Michael should go home. He knows that something is going on. He tells us that he doesn't know who his friends are. Hint: Not Ivy. He flashes back to everyone attacking him on the runway. But, "bleep" them all, he says. Really? I can feel sorry for you for not knowing how to sew, but not cursing? I have no time for this Other Michael.

Gretchen's feeling mopey because Tim ripped her a new asshole the day before at the runway show. She interviews that she is not a manipulative person and his words really upset her. But, I swear to BANGS that she fake cracks her voice when she's talking about it. Which would, uh, make her seem like a manipulative person, right? I swear that was fake. I know these things. I was the baby in the family and had to use all manner of voice cracking to get heard and so forth. I know a fake crack when I hear one. Ivy, never one to seem un-snakey for even a minute, whispers to Valerie that she thinks it was good for Gretchen to get shamed. Maybe it will bring her back "down" to reality. Valerie says that Gretchen has a strong personality and is maybe the type to assume leadership without really asking for it.

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