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Raul's look is next. It's a long belted jacket with pants that don't fit. Elena's look is next and it's a girl in slim pants and a David Byrne jacket. She was very content with the look. Christopher's look is next. She's wearing a jersey turtleneck dress with a small leather jacket. Christopher really likes it.

After the show, Gunnar, Melissa, Alicia, Nathan, Ven and Elena are safe. Backstage, Melissa says that she thinks Fabio will win. Onstage, Heidi says that she thinks Sonjia's dress is stunning. Michael loves that she used gray instead of black. Michael thinks that Fabio is much cooler himself than his design. True, Fabio is legit gorgeous right now, with his red turban and white ropes around his neck. So cute. Heidi loves Christopher's dress and Hayden is all about the little jacket. Nina thinks that it looks easy and sexy. Buffi tries to make it sound like the pink shit on her dress is on purpose. Heidi thinks it looks inexpensive. Rachel says that she needed to edit. Michael says that it looks like she's wearing a hairdressing smock. Raul unbelts his jacket and Michael likes it a lot more. He gets slammed for his pants. Michael says that Dmitry sent out the best made dress, but he should have used a brighter color. Nina likes it a lot.

The designers leave and it's time to confer. Rachel thinks Sonjia should win. Michael thinks that it looked classic and versatile and effortless. Heidi claims though that it's not a head-turner. Nina thinks that Christopher is the winner. Michael doesn't think the technical skills are there.

Michael thought that Fabio was boring except for his print. Rachel has no faith in Buffi. Hayden hates Buffi's personal style even. Heh. They all agree that Raul was too ambitious. The designers return to the stage. Christopher is in. Sonjia is the winner! Also, Hayden asks if she can wear the dress to a red carpet event. Sonjia says that she can. Dmitry is in, so is Raul. That means it's down to Sonjia and Fabio. Buffi is... out. Well, I guess that's as it should be. I kind of thought that Buffi was interesting but Fabio is one of my favorites. Buffi goes backstage and cries that she doesn't want to say goodbye to everyone. She hides behind the couch before Tim comes into say goodbye. He tells her that he's proud of her for being true to herself. She vows to be tacky and glittery -- even more than before.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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