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At Parsons, everyone gets to work. Melissa stays calm while still needing to finish a lot of stuff. Christopher, out of the kindness of his heart, suggests to Buffi that her look is shit and maybe she would want to use some of his leftover fabric. Hey, he's just offering because he's a friend. She kind of freaks out about it in the sewing room and he overhears it and she's like, "No that's great, what you did. Having to defend myself like that is awesome." Wow. That's pretty cool. He interviews that he's not sure if she's lying but he would want the same constructive criticism that he gave her. There's also that whole time and place and appropriateness thing.

Tim comes in and tells the designers that their models are due shortly. The girls come in. Fabio loves his jacket, but Elena says his dress is too short and he could be in the bottom. Raul's pants are too small. Hair and make-up happens. Buffi is really scrambling. Sonjia thinks that Raul doesn't have what it takes to win here. Raul just throws some accessories onto his girl.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She says that one day you're in, the next our out and the next you're in again. She says that she's disappointed that Andrea and Kooan left because so many people are dying to have this opportunity. Again, I point out that the opportunity offered is not necessarily the opportunity that people are hoping for when they sign up. She introduces Michael, Nina, Hayden Panettiere (yay!) and Rachel Roy. Everybody... Nashville. It's going to be amazing.

Sonjia's dress is first and it's great. It's gray jersey that is draped and fitted with lovely folds in the fabric. She's super happy with it. Alicia's look is next and it's a cool white shirt with gray capris. There are little gray patches on the elbows of the shirt. Cool. Melissa's look is finished! Lots of jersey draping, with leggings. I like it a lot. Buffi's look is next and it's a disaster. A lavender cheetah print with an overlay of bright pink chiffon. It looks like something a British soccer players wife would wear to her husband's brother's wedding. I guess that's a woman on the go.

Here's Fabio's look. It's a black and white print that's exotic and fun. The dress is short and there's a short little jacket with it as well. He's happy with it. Gunnar's look is next. Meh. It's a brown skirt with a petal quality at the bottom and a sleeveless purple top. It's looks like it was well made but it's also ugly. Nathan's look is next. It's a mustard dress that's fitted with a flowing jacket. He feels like it looks good and it does fit very well, but I think he chose the wrong color. Dmitry's girl is next. She's wearing a sleeveless black dress with criss-crossing fabric across the bust. It's beautiful and certainly versatile. Ven's look is next and it's a one-shouldered dress in taupe. There's sort of a fan of his architectural specialty that runs up and down the dress. It doesn't seem that versatile to me. Like, it seems more like a cocktail dress than anything.

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