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Christopher says that he's making something basic and turtleneck-y. Tim says that he feels like it's a little dressy. Sonjia, who has a LOT to say suddenly, interviews that she thinks that Christopher has something to offer as a designer but she doesn't think he's very innovative. Consistent is a good thing though and she feels he's that. Tim says that he's worried about Christopher because he seems ambivalent. He says that he's only concerned about not being in the bottom three and he's really excited to still be there. Nathan is designing for a mom on the go and Tim tells him that it looks sad. He tells Alicia to watch the proportions with her pants/shirt look, because she needs to be sure that there is some variation. Melissa is doing a lot of layering with jersey.

Raul tells Tim that he's very excited to be there. He's making a suit for the challenge. Ven interviews that Raul has no point-of-view because everything he makes is a mess and he needs to go home again. What a jerk. You see? There's something here that kind of gels with my point about why leaving is OK. There's such a lack of respect in how a lot of these guys talk about each other's work. To me, it's disingenuous to go on about the opportunity that they've been given and what a responsibility that is when you can't even talk with respect about your fellow designers. Tim tells Raul that he needs to nail down what he wants to do. Raul interviews that time management is his biggest problem.

Before he leaves, Tim tells everyone that he has never been more excited about what the designers are producing than this season. Well, that's just a damn lie. I don't even think that the designers believe him.

Everybody gets back to work. Buffi experiences a rare headache when she's at the sewing machine. But, she lives. Christopher tries to get Buffi to try on the jacket he's making, but she's not having it. The models come in for a fitting and Fabio's dress is very, very short. Christopher says that he can see her "fish whistle" but I've grown cold to him. Normally, I'd really laugh at that. Melissa has a lot of stuff to finish. Buffi's look is a mess. Christopher asks her if it's resort wear because, yeah, it looks like that. The cheapest, least joyful resort in the world.

The finish and the next morning, Buffi and Melissa are talking about finishing their work. Buffi seems pretty anxious right now. In the boys' apartment, Raul says that he doesn't think that he's the one who should have gone home. Christopher, who seriously just does not know how to leave well enough alone, says that Andrea, instead of "fleeing" in the night, should have said onstage that she didn't want to stay, in order to save Raul the stress of having to be eliminated. I'm not really sure that's how that would have worked, but OK. Seriously though, he should just stop talking about her. He was horrible to her and there's really no taking away from that. Remember how he was trashing her and she finally brought up the stuff that he fucked up and he was all like, "I'm not even going there"? That just really pissed me off. The lack of awareness is just gross.

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