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The designers get to work and Sonjia remarks that you have to have a tough skin to survive this stuff. She's sad for the people that have been eliminated who wanted to be there. I guess that is sad for them. Everybody settles in starts to work. Tim comes back and laughs that he's afraid to make any more announcements. He says that he's a firm believer in all things happening for a reason. So, they're ready to move forward. He says that they want the competition to be equitable and they don't want the judges to not have as many people to choose from, so they're bringing Raul back. Hmm, I guess I don't really care about that.

He comes in to much fanfare though. Buffi says that she's so happy for him that he gets another opportunity to express himself. Ven, who is such a DRAG, says that he's not excited to see Raul again. He thinks that Raul is a complainer and always deflecting blame for everything and Ven doesn't have time for that. Bleh. Raul says to everyone that he put everything he had on the line to be on the show and he didn't even have the opportunity to show what he's all about. Alicia interviews that she was sad to see Raul go, but she thinks that she got to stay instead of him because of his poor construction skills. Raul will have extra time to work because he is starting late. Raul says that he's back to win, bitches.

Tim arrives four hours before the end of the day to consult with the designers about their work. Dmitry is making a dress with one seam, which Tim finds ambitious. Fabio interviews that Dmitry is a great designer and designs for a very strong woman. Sonjia also seems to be in good shape. Tim likes what he sees. Fabio is using a print that Tim really likes. He tells Tim that his girl is on a day off, which worries Tim. Elena interviews that she feels like Fabio has been creating work that he imagines the judges want to see instead of showing himself as a designer. Fabio says that he's creating a jacket as well. Tim tells him that the proportions of the jacket will be very important.

Ven explains some zipper work that Tim calls "fascinating." Gunnar explains his design and Tim tells him to be sure that he doesn't over design. Sonjia interviews that she does not like what Gunnar is putting together. She thinks that his skirt looks like it's made from felt and that is a very bad thing. Elena says that she wants her look to be appropriate for heels or sneakers, but Tim is more interested in having her be ready to defend the silhouette that she's making, seeing as she has already presented it before. Buffi tells Tim that she thinks she's doing fine and he does that thing where's he like "you think?" because it's really, really horrible to reflect. Don't think about yourself! Have a really just rock solid, immovable opinion of yourself that is not affected by any real circumstances. That is incredible advice. Anyway, so Buffi is using pink, per uzh.

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