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And, you know, maybe there was some petulance involved in her decision to leave in the middle of the night. But, she's only got her. This brand is not invested in making Andrea look good, it's interested in perpetuating itself. So, the only thing she really hurts is the show and I can imagine being like, "I was just made to look like a fool. I'm not hurting the show any more than it just hurt me." Yeah, I feel like it wasn't the most level-headed decision, the one to leave. But, I GET it. Christopher tries to comfort himself by saying that she was interested in getting eliminated. He's really sort of whining right now. He at least owns up to the idea that something drove Andrea to quit and he was probably a big part of that. Buffi tells Christopher not to feel bad and he says that he does in fact feel horrible.

Buffi is going on about how Andrea should have known what was in store for her when Kooan interrupts her. He has an announcement to make. He says that he knows he's a little funky weird person but... he's going to leave the competition. Everyone is stunned. He says that he's leaving right now. Christopher reminds him that he was chosen out of tons of applicants to be on the show. He's special and he should remember that. Fabio is starting to cry. Kooan just bows a little bit and thanks Christopher for telling him that. Elena says that it's starting to hit her that Kooan is serious. Buffi tells Kooan to take a breath but he shouldn't leave but he just thanks everyone and wishes them luck. I'm kind of impressed with just how "Later, Skaters" this dude is right now. Wow. Nathan, who is incredibly upset, says that everything is falling apart and he knows how Kooan feels because he wants to leave the show too. He's not going to but he wants to. Then, he hugs Kooan and tells him to do whatever is right for him. Nathan hasn't made much of an impression so far, but that was very sweet. Buffi tells Kooan that she loves him and would love to wear one of his dresses.

Tim enters with news. He says that Andrea sent them an email. She no longer wants to be a part of the competition. This flabbergasts Tim because all of them have worked so hard to get there. Then, Kooan stops Tim. He says that he's aware that the fashion industry is difficult, but he thinks he needs to find another way to become successful. It seems that Tim is unaware that Kooan is interested in leaving. I wonder if that's authentic. Kooan interviews that he's leaving because he wants to do fashion in his own way. Tim says that they want the designers to want to be there, so he takes Kooan out who screams "Make it work!" as he's leaving.

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