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While some of the designers are working, Tim approaches them and makes the suggestion that they should try make a story for their woman on the go. They should know the narrative of her day. He thinks that it will "concretize" their ideas. Never heard that one before. Sonjia says that she imagines her girl working in an ad agency. Dmitry is working with jersey and wants to add a leather mosaic to the waist, making it appropriate for day and evening. Fabio says that his girl is very avant-garde and high fashion. Melissa, though acknowledging all of the bright colors on display in the Michael Kors store, decides to go with her favorite, black. Gunnar says that his customer is going to the PTA meeting after work, suddenly making a cocktail party after a flight sound awesome. He's going to make a paneled skirt that will hopefully have an ombre quality. Buffi's girl is a people person who works in nightlife. So specific.

It's time to go to Mood! Fabio says that Mood is a real challenge. There are too many aisles and if you're not sure what you want, you can spend the entire allotted time just wandering. Christopher says that his girl is one who you would find wearing Louboutins to a dive bar. He means chic, sophisticated and relaxed. It sounds fun too, being that girl. Like, you're all dressed up but you can still enjoy the simpler things. That said, whenever I try to imagine a girl wearing Louboutins to a dive bar, I imagine it's to pay someone off. Someone who has a sex tape of her sister or something like that. They're moving along and Kooan seems down. Fabio remarks in an interview that Kooan seemed completely devoid of energy. Kooan says that he just has a lot to think about, so he's being quiet. Sonjia, who really is so freaking cute, is really cutting it close with time. She interviews that she was so obsessed with what she wanted that she was having a hard time focusing on getting what she needed.

They head back to Parsons, where Christopher stops everyone before they begin. He asks what happened with Andrea. Melissa, who is probably already really tired of telling this story, says that she saw her get up but she went back to sleep. Then, she was gone. He says it's horrible to think that she just fled, but Buffi says that Andrea flipped out. Then, they show a moment during the last judging where she says to her fellow contestants that it might be a relief if she was eliminated then. Let's get real here. That moment occurred before she went onstage and was completely backed into a corner by Christopher. Say what you will about tough skins and the stupid fucking fashion industry, but I think she was saying that as a way to cope with the stress. I think the moments that followed were more important in regards to her deciding to leave the show.

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