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Then, Michael says that fashion isn't for sissies, which he has said before. I know that he's sort of co-opting the pejorative nature of that word and using it for his own less sinister purposes, but I still hate it and there you go. Melissa says that being in this competition has made her more aware of how cutthroat the business is. Michael says that you have to stick to your guns and do what you're good at. Tim adds that the show can knock you around a bit but they have to be able to bounce back. That's the old Tim that I loved so much. He's showing real empathy and awareness which seems to be almost entirely missing from the rest of this crew right now.

It's challenge time now. Michael describes his customer as a woman on the go. She needs to be able to dress for a flight, then go to a cocktail party as soon as her flight arrives. I didn't think you could make attending a cocktail party seem like no fun, but the thought of being forced to go to one right after a flight? Sounds horrible. This is the Michael Kors Challenge and they are supposed to create a look for the woman on the go. Their look should represent their own aesthetic and be fashionable and versatile. Tim says that he can't think of a challenge where textiles are more important than this one. Michael agrees and reminds them that this look has to be able to last a whole day. To Tim, that means thinking about wrinkles. Buffi interviews that this is a great opportunity to show who she is as a designer, an opportunity that she's happy have since she feels like a lot of her personality sort of got buried during the last challenge. She's happy to take control for this one. Tim tells them that they'll have a half-hour to sketch in Michael's store. The mood there seems really horrible.

As they're sketching, Fabio asks Melissa, who was Andrea's roommate, if she saw Andrea leave. She says that she saw her get up, but she herself went back to sleep. Gunnar butts into their conversation and says that he understands that this might not be her game but he thinks she gave up an enormous opportunity. Opportunity for what? He interviews that he feels like she took the cowards way out. Even if he buckled under pressure, he would never do it like that. Then, he congratulates Andrea for being immature. Whoa. Wow. What a little shit heel. I can't wait for this fucker to have his ass handed to him on that runway and, frankly, I hope that it happens pretty soon. If he even makes it to Fashion Week... I don't know. I don't want to watch him anymore. His voice reminds me of curdled dairy products. And, he's so NOT COOL ENOUGH for all of the piercings and adornments that read like, "I'm cool because I like cool, fringe-y things." Fabio ignores him and just says that all of this is really emotional.

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