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First, Buffi says that she didn't think that Andrea would have gotten much further in the competition if she had stayed, but she thinks it wasn't right to quit like that. Am I missing something? I'm almost confused by how bothered I am by the way this is being spun. Not everybody has got to be so invested in being on television that they will sacrifice all of their dignity and that's really what we're talking about here. She was being made to look like a fool and she was being abused for voicing some reservations about the competition. Now, you can claim that maybe you're made of stronger stock because the rigors of the competition didn't bother you as much; but, if you are bothered? And you stay? I don't know. I could make the argument that you're worse than her.

Let's be real. This show has been on for ten seasons. Has the grand prize really launched any companies of note? I mean, effing Lee Ann from a few years ago could be in the goddamn Witness Protection Program for all I know. She's not on anyone's radar, mostly because she didn't seem terribly interested in being a TV star. That's the real prize here. You can be a Personality after being on this show. And if you're not interested in that? And suddenly the grand prize doesn't seem like high enough stakes to justify giving up your dignity? Well, then maybe it's perfectly fine to grab your shit and leave in the middle of the night. I mean, it's not business as usual to stand on a stage and have people work really hard at cleverly tearing apart your work while the kid standing next to you imagines he's in the freaking Hunger Games.

Christopher says that he thinks this is a giant joke being played on him. That is not a typo. Andrea deciding that the competition was not right for her is actually all about Christopher. He has no words and neither do I. I actually do. Ven says that he's in shock and he thinks that this is a very poor example for a teacher to set. Oh, apparently Ven knows everything about the situation. I wish he'd fill us all in. Alicia says that it's lame and a poor way to represent yourself as a designer. What is everyone talking about? What does that even SAY about someone as a designer? I think I'm going to have to take a step back from this whole set of circumstances, because it's driving me a little crazy to talk about it anymore.

Tim acknowledges that the competition is difficult but says that the fashion industry is also difficult. Michael says that he's been in fashion for over 30 years and it's still a challenge. Heidi's phrase about being in one day and out the next still rings true for him. Elena interviews that the fashion industry is a shark and if you can't handle it, maybe you shouldn't be in it. Isn't that the point? I find it disingenuous that everyone is so personally offended that this woman chose to leave this competition. I think they are just being mean.

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