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Previously: The designers created Emmy dresses for former contestants. That Irina girl was pretty horrible. She terrorized poor Kooan. The designers worked in teams and Christopher just skewered Andrea on the runway for the mistakes that he felt she made. Raul was eliminated and Andrea fled in the night.

It's morning at the Atlas building and Christopher says that he's not sure how things are going to be with Andrea. Why? Because, she deserved him telling the judges how she was. Hmm. Interesting turn of phrase. That really isn't an answer to the question that he has put into the air, which is why would Andrea be upset with him? It might be an answer to the answer but I think it shows a little discomfort with his own behavior that he leapfrogged past evaluating his own actions and just started blaming Andrea some more. Christopher interviews that he was unsure of what to do on the runway and he pushed her in front of a bus. I at least appreciate the slight nuance in the freaking dinosaur of a cliché. I think the thing that bothers me most about this whole thing is the way people get attacked when they show any signs of being unsure. Seriously, God forbid a person reflect for a moment and wonder if they are in the right place. No! Must be completely obsessed with Fashion Week. Done. Nathan tells Christopher that people get over shit and I think he's just saying that because maybe Christopher hasn't stopped talking about it and it's morning and he just wants a little caffeine infusion before having to dance that dance again. Roger that.

Kooan is kind of meditating in bed. He interviews that this morning he does not feel good. Gunnar interviews that Kooan was very quiet when they were working together as a team, probably because Irina was such a monster. Gunnar says that you can tell that the pressure is really getting to Kooan.

The designers go to Michael Kors's flagship store on Madison Avenue to meet Tim and hear about the next challenge. Michael is waiting with Tim when they arrive. The store is really beautiful. Lots of light and reflective surfaces. Melissa says that the Michael Kors business plan is her ideal. Tim has some business to talk about before they discuss the challenge. So, apparently Andrea left without telling anyone. Production hasn't been able to contact her but they have every reason to believe that she's fine. Now, here's the fun part. I mean, I guess it's not the greatest form in the world to walk out on something like this, but they spend the next two minutes of this program dedicated to character assassination.

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