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Are U.N. or Are You Out?

Alyssa comes out on the runway to talk to the remaining designers. And as you know if you've been paying attention, we're down to three contestants: Elena, Korto and Seth Aaron. The final challenge is to make a six-piece collection, but this isn't the flagship Project Runway, so they don't get to go home for three months and get heartwarming visits from Tim Gunn. They have four days to throw everything together. And the inspiration is "your own individual heritage," as assigned by Alyssa Milano. Elena is from the Ukraine; Seth Aaron is a descendant of people from Spain, and Korto is from Liberia. They'll be visiting the United Nations to get some education, although Seth Aaron is the only one who wasn't actually born in the country he's supposed to represent. They'll be greeted by the Under-Secretary of Communications, who will introduce the designers to the delegates from these three countries. And the final runway show will take place at the UN, because All Stars isn't synced up with Fashion Week.

The designers are indeed welcomed to the UN by Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Communications. It feels kind of pointless to describe in when I just described someone saying that it was going to happen. Korto is happy to meet the Liberian delegate if for no other reason that it's fun to meet other people from Liberia. Her family fled the place, but she's been back and has even done a fashion show there. Seth Aaron's never been to Spain, although he mentions that his family founded San Diego. The Ukrainian delegate pitches Ukrainian Fashion Week as something that Elena should get involved in. And it sounds like a reasonable idea, right?

The sketching begins. Elena is going to use the Ukrainian flag colors and Korto is going to use some fitting details from Liberia. This section gets rushed through so they can get to Mood, where they have a staggering $2000 to spend. Whee! Elena is planning to layer wool over leather to create the color-blocking. Seth Aaron is planning to use a lot of gold. And Korto is looking for a print she can scatter across her entire collection. The end! This episode is only one hour long, so the next four days of sewing are going to go fast.

Korto's starting with a maxi-dress. Elena is draping a coat. Seth Aaron has a diamond-embossed patent leather lambskin he likes very much. There's some cheerful discussion of exactly when Elena should have her standard freak-out session, and the consensus is that she should push it to a later day. And the first day is over! This episode is going extremely quickly.

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