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Window Shopping
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Previously: The designers had to create a "potty" dress for Nicky Hilton. I'd mentioned earlier that Heidi's enunciation has seemed to improve, but she did sound like she was saying "potty." Zulema got a little hot under the collar when someone borrowed her dress form. Marla ripped off her design from a dress that Nicky Hilton had previously worn. Tim Gunn did not approve. Neither did the judges, though they liked Guadalupe's design even less, sending Lupe home. Santino, with much humility -- oh wait, that's a unicorn t-shirt, not humility -- won the challenge. Only ten designers remain!!

Morning time at the Atlas apartments; as everyone is getting ready, Kara and Mara find a t-shirt that belonged to departed Lupe. Marla folds it quite reverently. Maybe the designers think that they get killed once they are eliminated. Design to the Death! Very Running Man. Marla interviews that it's "weird" when one of their roommates is eliminated. Zulema interviews that nothing changes for her when someone leaves. You know, it wouldn't kill you to just be like, "I wish them luck. I'm sad." Whatever. It's just being nice.

In the boys' apartment, we see Santino polishing his boots. He interviews that winning the Nicky Hilton challenge gave him a boost of confidence. Now, he will attempt to walk on water. I can't imagine what else Santino could do with his already surfeiting confidence. ["I can. It involves a barber's chair and soft restraints." -- Sars] He tells his roommates that he is going to design all of the merchandise in the Hilton hotel gift shops. Nick replies that, "Santino's head is that big." Daniel interviews that he thinks Santino has been arrogant about his win. He continues, saying that it doesn't matter how many challenges you win, only that you are always performing at peak quality.

At Parsons, Heidi greets everyone. She tells them that they will be designing for Banana Republic. Whoever wins the challenge will have their garment sold in "select" Banana Republic locations, as well as online. Deborah Lloyd, the head of design for the Republic, will meet with them, and they will find out about the specifics of the challenge.

First, though, a model has to be eliminated. Santino's model, Heather, and Lupe's model, Eliza, enter the runway. Santino says, "If there's one thing that I am, it's a loyal person. And, you know, my loyalty is with Heather and I want you forever, so…" Eliza seems like a good sport as she gets her kiss from Heidi, wishes the designers good luck, and leaves the runway. She could've danced all night, that Eliza. Carry on!

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