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Previously: The designers had to design a look that would fit into Diane von Furstenberg's new collection. Kenley cried all over her plaid because she was so honored. And, she upped her annoying quotient by about 60 percent. She's kind of a pill, that one. She's pretty critical of others and, at the same time, hugely defensive. Recipe for that girl we all hate. Leanne pulled out her second win in a row, creating a beautiful gown and firmly placing herself in the front-runner position (or so I believe). Stella's outfit, though not horrible, misses the mark design-wise and the tailoring is not so hot. Holding her head high and telling everyone to eff off, she is eliminated.

Rise and shine, Empire State Building with fast-moving clouds surrounding it! It's time for a new episode of Head of the Class, I mean, Project Runway. I guess. These people remind me of Head of the Class. They all fit in some stupid cliché little niche and they're just kind of caricatures. Santino would eat these bitches ALIVE. To make a point, I saw Elisa Jimenez on the street yesterday. First of all, she's really gorgeous. But, do you remember how hippy-dippy she was? Well, even at her most cringe-inducing, she was so much more authentic than almost any of these losers.

We see Terri dancing around in her pajamas singing, "The witch is dead. The witch is dead." Hmm. She interviews, "Peace out Stella." She says she won't miss her -- she was only one more person to worry about. We learned last week that Stella didn't "trust" Terri, but I'm not sure where that opinion came from. Weren't others saying that she did the same thing for every challenge? So, why would you worry about that person stealing something from you? Was it because they both make pants? I don't know. I just think it's funny that the one-note accusations have been leveled at Terry when, you know, there's Stella. Come on.

In the boys' apartment, Blayne and Rayon are still in bed. Blayne asks him if he had any dreams and, wouldn't you know it, he did! Rayon says that he dreamed their challenge was to make sweetheart neckline dresses out of chiffon and pop-tarts. I have no reason for really feeling this way, but I think he's full of shit and didn't have that dream at all. Because, aren't we all the people most shocked or excited by our own dreams? Rayon is presenting it so nonchalantly and I need to just step back and get ahold of myself. Blayne asks Rayon if he drank before he went to bed because they are sound bite machines and breathing, breathing.

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