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What's The Skinny?
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Previously: The designers created modern collections from outdated trends. Chris missed the memo about the "modern" part and got booted for his irrelevant, costume-y outfit, while Jillian won the challenge.

Here we are, and it's morning at the New Gotham apartments. Jillian is eating some tasty-looking pastry, which surprises me. I mean, she's thinner than the models. How do pastries fit into that lifestyle?

Sweet P laments, via interview and in the apartment, the elimination of Chris. She loved him, and feels that there will be a void in the workroom now that he's gone. His energy was joyous and delightful and she thinks it really sucks that he won't continue in the competition. Hear, hear.

In the boys' apartment, Jack is holding a cold compress to his mouth. Uh-oh. Is it just me, or has news of this moment been impossible to avoid? I tried my best to avoid it, but the scene with him crying was shown during the previews for the season, and it was talked about virtually everywhere. Anyway, I already knew something weird was going to happen with Jack, and a cold compress is never a good sign. Jack wonders aloud to Kevin if he can sew with one hand for a day, while covering his apparently deformed face. Jack then interviews (looking totally normal) that for a few days, he has had what he thought was a pimple in his nose. It's interesting that Jack looks to be preparing to tell us about a grave health matter, yet still seems embarrassed to admit that he may have had a pimple. Then, back in the apartment, we see a glimpse of his face without the hand. He looks bad. It's like The Joker; his upper lip is swollen to the point of immobility. I'm also reminded of Meg Ryan circa 2002. I'm just being descriptive here; I don't find his situation funny at all. He continues his interview, explaining that he has had several staph infections before. He hopes that this flare-up isn't a staph infection, but he's concerned. With good reason -- from what I've heard, the recovery from a staph infection is pretty arduous. (I can't stop writing "staph infection.")

Jack makes a joke to Kevin about having collagen injected. Then we see Ricky and Rami sitting around, and offscreen, Christian (I think) mumbles, "I'm tired." Ricky says, "Get over it. Let's go." If you weren't listening closely, it really looked like Ricky told Jack to "Get over it." I'm no Ricky fan -- for real, the crying is killing me -- but let the record show that he didn't tell Jack to "get over" his staph infection.

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