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Previously: The designers were enlisted to transform some bridesmaids dresses into something not horrible. Other Michael won! If it weren't so exciting to watch the other designers freak out about it, it would not have been wonderful. But, it was. Peach, sadly, was sent home.

It's morning at the Atlas Building. April interviews that it was sad to see Peach go home, as they were roomies and good friends. She's wearing some little boy-short panties that make her statement about having a big butt seem ridiculous and untrue. What a cute bottom she has! Anyway, she tells us that she's moving into the apartment with Valerie, Gretchen and Ivy. She's a little uncomfortable, because she has heard of people saying that she's too young and shouldn't be on the show. Well, to that, April, I say eff that noise. We see Valerie say that it will be cool living with April, but she hopes they can "gel" with someone that much younger. She's a few years younger, not from a different species. Chill out, people. You're all fashion designers and therefore crazy. You have no business judging someone for their age. April says that the unknown is uncomfortable, but she's strong and doesn't take bullshit, so she's not really worried. As she's walking out of her old apartment, we see that she has written on the chalkboard in her apartment the following: "Peach...I miss you already. :( You are an amazing designer & friend. I can't wait to see you! L(heart)ve...your Ape Dawg :) " That is very sweet.

In the boys' apartment, Andy asks Other Michael how it feels to win twice. (Weird, I just had one of those brain things where the word "Michael" seemed super-foreign to me and I had to look back for how it was spelled. Brain, don't make this a habit). So, Other Michael says it's fabulous, and he feels like Gretchen. He interviews that no one was happy for him when he won the challenge. He says that it hurt him badly. OK, so there's something a little outsider-y about Other Michael. I mean, there's more to him being "other" than just not being Michael Drummond. But, it was ridiculous the way those people acted. I can't imagine being so nakedly unhappy for someone. The mannequins are like, "Strangle him in his sleep or get over yourselves. Two choices."

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