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Previously: Josh M. freaked out on Bert and it was incredibly uncomfortable for everyone. The designers created their own textiles and Anya won her first challenge! Becky went home, which I guess was overdue.

Josh and Bryce her fixing their hair in the morning and Josh says, while pointed at Bryce, "Congratulations Top 9." He could just be talking to himself. Bryce, who see making questionable choices in order to create a little volume on his dome, interviews that being the only designer to never win a challenge makes him feel like the weakest link. He wants to prove people wrong. Josh interviews that he's exhausted emotionally and mentally, but he's in a much better place today. He's excited to see what the new challenge will be. He seems a little contrite today, which is only appropriate. Let's see if he can keep it up.

The ladies are putting on their faces and Laura makes some crack about how she's sure they're all mourning for Becky's departure. Unnecessary? Yes. Expected? Absolutely. Anya says she can feel the air getting a little electric as the pool of designers dwindling down, yet there's also a feeling of camaraderie. Laura says that they are the last three girls who should be there, and I while I can't say that she's incorrect, I wonder why she's pushing the d-bag factor so much. I've discussed with someone whether she is a. a Mean Girl who fights to hide it, b. a Mean Girl or c. a boring girl who thinks that being a Mean Girl is interesting so she's just trying to be a total bitch. Whatever. She's dead to me.

Bert doodles on a chalkboard that includes a space invader and the line, "It's raining men!" Oh my. Everybody seems really tired. At Parsons, Heidi greets the designers by telling them that they will be working with different models. Then, she brings on a bunch of normal-looking dudes. Everybody groans. Anthony says that he knows nothing about menswear. Josh M. says that he's not intimidated by menswear, but rather by the waistlines of the dudes onstage. These guys aren't models. They're not trainwrecks, but this isn't Project Dockers. Anya gets to choose first and she praises the Lord that she has immunity, because she knows nothing about menswear. She chooses the thinnest guy, then Heidi chooses successive designers from the button bag. They go down the line like that, each choosing the skinniest remaining dude. Olivier is sad that he's left with all of the "fat people, which is fine" but not when he's making clothes. They finish choosing and Heidi sends them to the workroom to hear about the details of the challenge from Tim.

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