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What A Girl Wants

The girls look like they love hair and makeup. Kevin put a stitch in the bottom of his dress, but there's no stitch. Chris says that he warned Kevin about that hem. Christian is still having problems with Maddie. She doesn't want to sit still for her fitting. Chris says that Maddie is outspoken, but that the dress is adorable. Christian tells Maddie that they are going to ask her about the dress and whether or not she likes it, and he will have to defend himself. She should be prepared. She says, "Admit it, you love me!" She doesn't get it, that Maddie. Tim calls everyone to the runway. Commercials.

This week's question is, "Which designer would you take to the prom?" A. Christian, B. Jillian, C. Kit, or D. Rami. I'm gonna go with D, but I'm not going to say why.

On the runway, Heidi introduces Michael, Nina, and "renowned designer" Gilles Mendel of J. Mendel. I thought they made jewelry. Whatever.

First up is Sweet P's dress. It's a lovely floor-length number in champagne-y charmeuse. It has a high waist and a halter-top. It's not terribly low-cut, but it's not demure. There's a little bit of pleating at the waist, which allows the dress to move beautifully with Nicole. There's a vertical pleating on the bust and it's so flattering. It's backless and there's skin to well above the waist, so it's still fairly tasteful. Sweet P is thrilled with it.

Next is Victorya's dress. It's an electric blue dress with a panel-less halter neck. The hem ends several inches above the knee and has a bubble shape. This dress is very very Serena vander Woodsen, and I mean that in a very good way. There is a V-shape at the neck that is covered in multi-colored jewel pieces. It's so cute. It's the perfect dress for a girl that age. Cute and young, but sexy enough to make the girl like it. Jessica gives a dorky peace sign at the end of the runway that almost makes me take all of that back. Victorya says that she would wear that dress.

Here's Chris's dress and, geez, not to pick on these girls, modeling really this hard? Krista is charging down the runway like a linebacker. I'm assuming linebackers charge, but you get the picture. His dress is a floor-length green satin dress. It's basic shape is a wrap, with two thin straps at the shoulder. There's a plunging, though tasteful, neckline. At the bottom of the neckline is where the two sides of the dress meet and it's knotted. There's a long sash that's created by the tie. Also, the tie creates pleating along the bust and waist, pulling everything in. It's very flattering on Krista, except when she walks down a runway. There's a thigh-high slit that's really fun and cute. This is a pretty dress. Chris loves it. The back has a train that's connected to the rest of the dress with a metal circle. Interesting.

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