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What A Girl Wants

Chris says that Christian is losing it. Then we see Christian in his pj's with a towel wrapped around his head. Chris names him "Erykah Bad-don't." Seriously, that's so funny. Christian says that they are all going to miss him after tomorrow when he's eliminated -- they tell him not to say that.

The next day, in they boys' apartment, Rami says to Chris that he thinks Heidi should have made a prom dress too. I wonder if they hate her. Chris decides that lederhosen would have been the style that Heidi would have used. Rami tells us that he was raised in Jerusalem, where there is no prom. So no prom pic for Rami. That stinks. ["But also: what a missed opportunity for the designers to throw Rami the prom he never had. That's what a real TV show would have done. Maybe they hate him." -- Joe R]

At the workroom, everyone puts the final touches on their dresses. Christian has a better attitude and has decided that he will do the best that he can -- he will work it out. Tim enters and sends in the clients.

The girls enter. Ricky tells his client that she shouldn't be nervous. Then, he tells us that he made his girlfriend's prom dress in high school. "That should have been a clue," he says. Why yes, that should have been. Sweet P tells Nicole that she thinks they are going to be in the top. Ricky tells his girl that she looks like a doll. He interviews that his only concern is that he color doesn't pop enough.

The girls are all practicing wearing their heels and booty dancing with each other. Jillian said that all of the noise was a little difficult to tune out. Maddie tells Sweet P that girls that go to Catholic school are "really wild." Oh yeah? Sweet P tells them that she went to Catholic school. Enough said. She interviews that she was a rebellious teen. We see her prom picture and it is the freaking cutest thing I've ever seen. Her date was a total hot rod with long blond hair. She was so tan and cute and young, with a white dress to offset her color. They're standing in front of a sunset backdrop. Cutest thing ever. She says that she had a great time at her prom and that's all she's saying. Then she blushes! Damn, I want to know about that prom.

Chris asks the girls what they want to do. One girl says, "Public relations." Another says, "Absolutely Nothing." You're not supposed to say that when you're that young, are you? Oh God, I'm turning into dust. Chris says that he didn't go to prom -- he stayed home and watched old movies and got drunk. That is the saddest thing I've ever heard, yet it's almost funny. Except I'm laughing, so it must just actually be funny. Come on, that's so pitiful you have to laugh.

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