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What A Girl Wants

With 5 hours remaining, several of the designers are in the sewing room. Sweet P says that she feels like the underdog and she would really like to win a challenge. She says that she's been "on the bottom." Victorya says that she has too. "I've been voted off," says Chris. Ouch. He belly laughs, and Sweet P mimics him. He does not like this. Dude, she cried when you left the first time. Don't get mad.

Later, Tim enters and starts mentoring. Kevin tells him that the mother had some reservations about the gathering at the front of the dress. Tim asks the hem of the dress and Kevin says that he is not going to finish it. "It has to be exquisite," he tells Kevin who is not convinced. Tim says that Nina will notice it, but I'm not sensing any urgency from the KMan.

Tim thinks that Rami's client might look like she's wearing her mother's dress. I don't think Rami understands the question. He says that some young girls are interested in high fashion. Not what he said, Rami. He thinks you've made an old lady dress, not something that's impossibly sophisticated. He says that it's a risk, but having immunity encourages him to take a risk. That's very true and it's cool to see someone approach it like that. It means that maybe we'll see something totally far out every once in a while without a danger of never seeing the designer again. But this dress? Eh.

Tim doesn't have much advice for Victorya. She tells him that she's adding some jewel trim to her dress. Tim approaches Christian and tells him that he's very concerned about him. He wants to know why he's so doom-and-gloom. Christian tells him that Maddie was nit-picky about her dress. Tim says that he doesn't hate the dress and he does see Christian in it. He wants to know what he's doing to mitigate the problem. He tries to encourage Christian, but Christian says that someone has to be eliminated, so maybe it will be him. Tim is NOT having this. He says that Christian is too talented to just fall off like this; he has to make it work!! Oh my God, this is totally Rudy for homosexuals. I feel like crying or fighting or something. "Rally!" he demands of Christian.

With a "Make it work," Tim is out of there. Kevin says that he doesn't want to hem his dress. Chris reminds him that that would make his dress look unfinished, but Kevin's still not going to do it.

In the sewing room, there's some tomfoolery surrounding Kit's name. "That Kit Pistol," says Jillian in a falsetto. "What's her mom's name, Machine Gun?" adds Chris. Kevin laughs it up at this. "No it's Uzi, asshole," replies Kit. Touchy about our fake names, I see. Everybody scrambles to the end. Sweet P summons Victorya and Jillian as "Little Korean Girl" and "Little Tiny" respectively, and they make their way home.

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