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What A Girl Wants

Victorya doesn't like her dress. She interviews that it looked like something an "Italian older divorcee" would wear, so she decides to change the silhouette. Christian consulted with her on that decision and it looks like he gave her some valuable advice. "I trust your judgment," she says to him.

Tim enters and brings the clients in for a visit. They all enter with their mothers! Kevin's client's mother feels that the front of the dress makes her daughter look pregnant. "Thanks for calling me fat on national TV, MOM!" Kevin says it's that "new baby doll style that just came out." New? Kevin says that he had to sell the dress to the mom. Funnily, the mom is wearing a top that looks almost identical to the dress. Maybe Kevin's client is getting a baby sister or brother for graduation?

Victorya is nervous that her model is not going to like the changes that she made to her design. She tells Jessica and her mother that the dress is unfinished. Jessica's verdict? She loves it.

Erika's mother loves the color of the dress that Chris is designing. Erika loves it as well. He asks them what they were thinking when they looked at his portfolio, and Erika's mom replies that it was very cool. Then, we see more pictures and he tells us that HE WAS WEARING THE COSTUMES IN THE PHOTOS!! Did anyone know this? I did not know this. Crazy. Erika and Mom are stunned.

Sweet P says that she didn't cut the dress as low as Nicole wanted because she was afraid her parents would have Sweet P arrested. Nicole's mother loves the color. They both love it.

Sounds good, right? Everybody seems pretty pleased, yes? Wait, here's Maddie. Hates it. Hates the back. It's too short. She's being really difficult. Sweet P is sitting and watching and tells them that it's "very couture" and that Christian is the "wonder kid" in the workroom. You know, they seem to really care about Christian. I found his bitchiness to be that poseur-y nonsense that you see from so many people on reality TV, but I think his cattiness may be just one side of his sense of humor that we see. They wouldn't care about him enough to stand up for him like that if he were just a jerk all of the time. "With a little help from me," adds Maddie. That's annoying. Christian finds it annoying. Rami thinks that Christian should have steered more with Maddie. He says that he's a designer, not a dressmaker. Rami and Jillian are talking about the hard time that Christian is having. It's really interesting to see them feel for him. I don't know, it's captured my imagination.

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