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What A Girl Wants

Jillian asks if people feel that her hair is bigger than usual that day and Christian answers that it's looking "pretty Tina Turner." She interviews that she has never designed a prom dress before, but she has made a lot of dresses. She wants to make a dress that looks like a mosaic and the inside of a jewelry box.

Chris asks if anyone there was Prom Queen. No, but now Kit thinks it would be a great idea if she were Prom King and Christian was her Queen. The coronation ceremony would be fierce. Then, we see a picture of Kit at her prom. She was so cute! And, brace yourself, she's not a natural blonde. Her date was kind of foxy, too. Ruddy but kind of foxy. She was a Prom Princess and her date was a Prom Prince. It was "very Orange County." The dress she is making is "unconventional" but she wants it to be pretty.

Chris has a joke: "What would you call The Flintstones if they were gay? Fags." This joke, it makes me laugh.

Ricky says that while he's making his dress, his thoughts are of his mother. Oh, sweet Jesus, you know where this is going. I can already hear it in his voice. His mom was a seamstress and she made all of his sisters' prom dresses. She was self-taught. He learned technique from watching her. Then, he goes to another room and calls her on his Sidekick 3, and they have a conversation in Spanish. He interviews that, when he was growing up, kids weren't allowed to be creative because it wasn't "gainful employment." So, your whole modern dancer/fashion designer career path must be a real hit with the Madre. His eyes are watering. He says that if you win Project Runway, "every door opens up," and now he's officially crying. He does that "Oh God, I'm getting choked up" face, but it's not like he ever stops himself from blubbering. Ever. It would be the best thing if he won.

Sweet P is having problems working with Nicole's design ideas, so she re-interprets her wishes. She says that she's not going home because of listening to a teenager.

With 2 hours remaining in the day, everyone's scrambling. Christian feels that he made the dress that Maddie wanted and that it's very tacky. He says that he can't let a 17-year old girl overpower him. I mean, he doesn't really have a choice there. Maddie could take him.

The next day, everyone returns to the workroom. Christian greets his dress, "Hello dress, how are you doing? I hope you're well. I'm fucking dandy." Except, he says "randy." I'm assuming he meant dandy. I got the gist with "fucking." He interviews that he is doing some intricate beadwork that's more his point-of-view. Kit is nervous that her model won't like the color that she chose.

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