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What A Girl Wants

Rami is working with Bianca, the cute girl with the white glasses. She says that she prefers a dress that is fitted to something draped. He interviews that Bianca doesn't like traditional, which is good for him. She seems to be very cooperative.

Victorya asks her client, Jessica, why she chose her. She says that she was the last one to choose. And how amazing is that? Jessica tells her that she really liked Victorya's portfolio, but the damage is done and it's all gravy from here on.

Sweet P's client, Nicole, wants a dress with a plunging neckline and a below-the-waist back. So, essentially she wants sleeves. She says something about having a big butt and needing some sort of panel in the back, but I can't totally decipher it because of those crazy Jersey accents. She says she wants the dress to be ivory, which makes Sweet P nervous because it's not her wedding day and "hopefully she won't even lose her virginity." Well, I guess that's up to you now Sweet P, isn't it? Go. Make your dress of virginity.

Here's Christian working with his client, Maddie. She tells Christian that she has been studying fashion design for two years. Well then. Christian's presence in this whole situation is so funny. He interviews that Maddie was "adorable" but that she had "some opinions" and was not afraid to grab his pencil and start sketching on his paper. "Oh! Okay!" is his response in his interview. She likes light brown and gold, and she wants lace on the back. Hmm. He says that she wanted so much tacky stuff. He tells her that once he starts, there's no changing. She just giggles.

Tim ushers the clients out and Christian lies on the floor and says, "I want to die." Chris chastises him: "Bitter! Bitter!" Then, they go to Mood. Racing. Racing. Running. Kevin decides to go with a red fabric that he finds "gorgeous." Sweet P decides that the white or ivory that Nicole wanted is too similar to a wedding look, so she goes with a "champagne-y charmeuse." Anybody out there need a drag moniker? There you go. Chris is holding two fabric red and green next to each other and jokes to Tim that he is making a Christmas dress. I'm making a "poinsettia."

Back at the workroom, Christian interviews that he was "best dressed" at his prom. Chris asks if that was a personal opinion or if a vote was involved. Ha! He was found best dressed by his peers. We see a picture of Christian standing with a group of girls. I know he's young, so prom wasn't that far away for him, but his hair is remarkably the same. He's really committed to that look. He goes to his dress form and says dramatically, "This is the most important day of my life!" This tickles Kevin, which makes Christian laugh too. Christian interviews that there's so much that is important about this challenge -- the fit, that it's appropriate for a prom, that the client is pleased. He has never worked with someone who had so many demands. "I am not feeling fierce right now."

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