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What A Girl Wants

The girls go down the line and say whom they choose to work with. The next to last girl chooses Chris, and he mumbles, "Don't be too scared." More laughs all around. The last girl, who is totally adorable in the dorkiest white-framed glasses, chooses Rami and giggles. Heidi takes the girls and leaves. All of the designers have another laugh after they're gone.

In the workroom, Tim greets the designers. Before bringing in their clients, Tim warns the designers that, though it is inevitable that many of the clients will have strong ideas about the direction of the designs, it is up to the designers to keep that in mind and maintain their vision. They will have 30 minutes with their clients then they will go to Mood with a $250 budget.

The girls enter and go the their designers. Everyone gets to work. Jillian's model, Erika, says she's never had a custom-made dress before. Wow, PR is really performing a service here. Chris interviews that he knew they'd have an eveningwear challenge at some point, but he didn't realize that they would be working with such young people. They're not covered in poison ivy, people! Sure, according to the criteria, there are few things scarier than teenage girls, but get some balls! He asks his client, Krista, if she would prefer her dress to be low-cut in front or back. Krista: "Both." My kind of trollop.

Kit asks her client, Brie, why she chose her and she says it's because Kit is edgy, which is her style. Kit interviews that they have to consider the age of the girls, and she thinks the dresses should be more modest. To be honest, I totally would not have pegged her as having that point-of-view. But I really agree with her. I find it incredibly disturbing when you're seeing these teenage girls on MTV at their sweet 16 or what have you with their dresses cut down to Tina. I don't mean to sound like I'm a hundred, and girls that age are gorgeous; but more often than not they don't know how to pull off a super sexy dress. Just show your cute waist and pretty shoulder, girls. You've got plenty of time to sell the rest of the farm. Save it until you're looking for your second husband.

We see Kevin working with his client and he interviews that he is from New Jersey. So, he knows what high school life is like there. Apparently, everyone goes tanning a lot, which seems very represented by the group of girls we've got here (especially Christian's client). Then we see a picture of Kevin at his prom. I'm dying. He's so tan. And he's got a greasy, floppy '90s 'do and small hoop earrings in both ears. And he's stag. And his head is kind of cocked to the side. And I'm so in love with this picture. His smile is very warm and sweet, but I'm having this sneaking epiphany right now that, no matter how conservatively groomed and dressed we may be in our high school photos, only like 3% of us are going to make it through life with those photos not appearing totally fucking stupid and awkward and cheesy at some point. Kevin is not part of that 3%. It's so weird too, because I could bump into Prom Kevin on the street today, and though I wouldn't find him particularly stylish, I wouldn't really give his look a second thought. But knowing that's Kevin Christiano of KJeans and how he looks now, which I also don't find that particularly stylish (at least not good style), that high school picture just looks so impossibly dorky. But I love it! Kevin says that New Jersey kids also steal liquor from their parents. They sound like they're really bad there. He says that, regarding prom night, he hopes that the parents of the clients are watching, because he has plans to put a Chastity belt inside the dress of his client. Whatever Cher has to do with this, I don't know.

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