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What A Girl Wants

Michael thinks Victorya's dress is chic. Nina loves the color and that it's modern and appropriate. Jessica says she loves it. Christian says that he had a hard time because Maddie was opinionated. She acts like she's insulted. Heidi likes the dress!! Gilles thinks the conflict between Christian and Maddie is apparent. Nina thinks there's too much. Christian says that she wanted lace and rhinestones everywhere. Maddie tries to act like she wanted a sprinkling of the stuff, but Christian's not having it. Nina says that Maddie is right to want whatever she wants, but Christian should have more finesse while working with the client. She says she doesn't like that he's blaming Maddie.

Ricky says that the girl inside of him would wear the dress that he designed. Would that girl cry as much as you? Gilles thinks it's cute, but has problems with execution. Nina also thinks it's a little sloppy. Heidi thinks it's boring and washes the client out. Michael thinks the "volume" of the dress needed to be turned up. Rami says that he made a "draped cocktail dress." Gilles doesn't like the color, and Nina thinks it's too sophisticated. "May I respond to that?," Rami interjects. "My work is always sophisticated. This is my belief." He was a little scary just then. Michael says that she looks 35 and old-fashioned.

The judges like Sweet P. Sexy and elegant. They also like Victorya. Nina thinks it's what a modern prom dress should look like. Those were the only two they liked. They thought Rami's was too old. Nina says that he was designing for Rami. Nina also says Christian shouldn't have blamed Maddie. Gilles thinks it was "too worked." To Michael, Ricky's dress was a "non-event." They thought Kevin's dress looked cheap and old.

The designers return to the stage. Commercials. The answer to the question is: Rami, with 50%! I win!

And as to the challenge, Victorya wins! She has immunity for the next challenge. Sweet P is safe too, as Heidi let them know that only two dresses were in their favor. Ricky is in. Rami is in. It's down to Kevin and Christian. Kevin's dress was cheap and unflattering, and Christian shouldn't have blamed his client. Kevin is out. Christian pats Kevin when he leaves. Kevin, who is tearing up, thanks everyone and says that they will see him on the market. This has been a great opportunity, and he says that he will still show at Bryant Park one day! Bye Kevin!!

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