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What A Girl Wants
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Previously: The designers made clothes out of Hershey's paraphernalia and a little bit of candy. Rami won his second challenge and the lovely Elisa was shipped back to her home planet.

It's morning at the New Gotham apartments and everyone is performing their morning grooming rituals. Ricky is brushing his teeth while wearing a white- and black-striped conductor's cap. Could someone please rob their apartment? A hat burglar, preferably. Christian is blow-drying himself into a Pekingese appearance. Rami is moisturizing himself while clad only in a towel. And the crowd says, "Yes." Well done, Mr. and Mrs. Kashou. Then, he talks. Eh. He's happy that he won another challenge. He is confident that he has "something" different from the other designers. 30-inch biceps would be the first.

Victorya is the only person in her apartment now that Elisa is gone. She interviews that "crazily enough" she misses Elisa. That would make that "almost" a nice sentiment. She says she felt connected to Elisa. Now she's moving to apartment 33H with the other remaining female designers.

At Parsons, Heidi greets them on the runway and her bangs are blown out straight onto her forehead and over her eyes. There's a danger that perhaps she cannot see where she's going. Let's see what happens. She staggers out and tells the designers that they will be working with clients to create a design for one of "the most important days of a woman's life." Rami interviews that he's just hoping it's not a wedding dress. Yeah, that would be bad.

Heidi calls out the models and a girl poses behind the runway scrim. Kevin interviews that he thought maybe they were designing for midgets or Oompa Loompas. Now, they're high school girls, who are probably mostly full-grown, so I don't know what he's talking about. A procession of high schoolgirls in private school uniforms enters the runway. All of the designers start giggling and, while it may not have seemed out of line when it actually happened, I can't imagine a worse thing to do to a group of high school girls. They are liable to start crying or rip you a new asshole. Kevin interviews that he wonders what they'll be making now. What do you think? Judicial gowns? There are only a few options and I doubt it's cotillion gowns. Sweet P says that all of the girls are pretty short.

Heidi tells us that all of the girls are from the same private school in New Jersey. And...the designers will be making their prom dresses. This is going to be awesome. All of the designers start giggling, but I can't tell if they're happy or scared. Christian interviews that the other designers seemed excited, but he thinks that prom is tacky and horrible and gross. Certainly. He's serious about that though. The girls have looked at the portfolios of the designers and chosen whom they would like to work with. This gets another laugh from designers. This feels like drama students turning up their noses at commercials and industrial films. Chris has a reason to laugh though. He interviews that he has no idea what the girl who chose him must have been thinking, since his portfolio is so full of weird stuff. Cut to photos of women in crazy Wonder Woman/Brunhilde-with-very-large-breasts costumes.

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