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Previously: The designers were enlisted to create activewear looks for Heidi's line for New Balance. Labor officials are still investigating to see if there was any sort of sweatshop related wrongdoing. The old designers came back and Ivy was a crazy bitch to Other Michael and called him a cheater. Tim put the kibosh on that thought. Christopher ended up getting the boot. We're down to the final five!

We're at Parson's, where we left everyone last week. Tim tells the final five designers that he has a surprise for them. Gretchen is already worried. He tells them that they are to meet Heidi on the runway now. Heidi greets them with her devilish smile. She says that she knows how much they "love" surprises. BUT, for this surprise, they want the designers to relax. So, they're sending them to one of "the most spectacular places in New York City." Other Michael interviews that he doesn't believe her -- there's gotta be a twist. Yeah, I could imagine going to some swank restaurant and being told I have to design the new china or something equally cruel. Heidi gets all serious and tells them to recharge, because this will be the last challenge with which to "wow" them.

And, you know what? Heidi keeps to her word. They walk into a swank suite at the Mandarin Oriental, an actually spectacular place. Everyone's super excited, of course. April interviews that it makes her realize they're all getting closer to Fashion Week. They pop some champs. Twist the bottle, not the cork, Gretchen. Someone apparently has not had to wait tables on her poverty-stricken road to success. Temp? I could see her doing some admin, for sure. This is my wheelhouse, people. Other Michael wonders in an interview how the hell he got there. Listen, I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm looking around that room and wondering how he got there as well.

Gretchen toasts to being proud of all of them, herself included. She interviews that this is nice, but she really wants to get to Fashion Week, which she considers the essence of who she is as a designer. I'm guessing she means presenting an entire collection, not the calendar aspects of the occasion. I'm not sure. They look around the suite in awe. Gretchen's psyched that she's going to have a good cappuccino in the morning. Later, as Other Michael is eating some sort of pudding-y goodness, Gretchen says another winding sentence about how she wouldn't be here if she hadn't set the intention of doing what she was passionate about for the rest of her life. Jesus. Breathe. I think she's talking about The Secret, no? More power to her.

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