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Previously: the designers had to design outfits for the US team to wear at the Olympic Games opening night ceremony. The highs were high and the lows were low. And, then there was Jerell. I'm still not sure how I feel about his design. I almost feel like, were that design to have been accepted by the US Olympic team, it would change the way people thought about the US. We'd get a pass for a lot of the stuff that other cultures currently give us grief for, because, well, it would be clear that America was batshit crazy. We'd be liberated. No more defensiveness. We'd be all, "CAN I HELP YOU? I'M AMERICAN." Either that or Canada would invade us. Ultimately, Korto won the challenge and Jennifer was sent home. I felt a little bad for her after she was booted, but her designs were pretty dull.

It's morning at the Atlas Building. Korto says that she's happy that she has immunity so that she can leave the drama to the other designers. Keith is working out in the in-house gym (that Atlas is a nice facility). Daniel is working out too. It's a funny image because of how stacked Keith is and how anemic Daniel is. Nothing more to really say about that, except "Tee Hee." Daniel interviews that, for this challenge, he will insure that he's not in the bottom two designers. Seriously, he looks kind of like he has never worked out in his life. His handling of the dumbbells is mighty awkward. Plus, Daniel is kind of a whiner, I've come to realize, so let's make fun.

In the apartment, we see Blayne leaving for Parson's as he says, "Team Dramalicious." Still not done with that, are we? Blayne has to come back though because he forgot to close the door and it's in the contract of the camera crew inside that they absolutely WILL NOT close doors.

At Parson's, Heidi takes the stage and greets the designers. She says that we have to get the model stuff out of the way before they will hear about the next challenge. She brings out Katarina and Alex (Jennifer's model). Korto has the Grateful Designer Syndrome and stays with Katarina. Some would question this decision. See ya, Alex!

Heidi tells them that the designers will be working for a high-powered, glamorous businesswoman. Blayne interviews that he really hopes it isn't Hillary Clinton, because he would never win with a neon pantsuit. First of all, Blayne thinks he's so funny when he says that. He is wrong. Second, you're never going to win, Blayne. Period. Neon, not neon, hemp, it doesn't matter. Let's be real. Heidi says that Tim will introduce the fancy lady in the workroom.

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