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Previously: It was the Unconventional Materials challenge and the designers had to use items found at Dylan's Candy Bar. Lantie was eliminated for really just not getting it at all.

The title sequence this year... these guys could not be worse actors. "Get it together!" Christopher says and it reminds me of Valerie Cherish saying "I don't wanna see that!" In fact, all of them seem like that. My take-away is that Lisa Kudrow is a genius and that show is perfect and you should all watch it. The Palm Springs episode as well as the finale are brilliant.

Everybody is sitting around having breakfast and Ven says that he is glad that during the previous challenge he went with his "vision." I honestly have no earthly idea what he's talking about since there didn't appear to be a single thing that was pulling him in any other direction. Raul, who is having breakfast next to Ven, interviews that he thinks that Ven might be a one-trick pony. Everything can't always be pretty. Oh God. Listen, Lifetime, if we're going to prompt these people to speak critically of each other, please invest in some writers or even just buy a thesaurus or that book of idioms and make the designers flip through it so that we don't hear things that seriously have been repeated every one of these 10 seasons. I mean, I feel like I'm even repeating myself by writing that. I understand that fashion is sort of culture's silly putty and it's just mimicking what's happening in the world (which repeats itself often), therefore it makes sense that we would hear the makers of fashion utter similar repetitions; but...this is TV. You can't repeat yourself like that. Or you shouldn't. Who am I kidding? All of these shows repeat themselves. The Bachelor and the stupid "feelings" and "falling for" bullshit. The Biggest Loser and their ridiculous "journey." Can't anything be new? At least new-ish? I'm sick of all of these stupid phrases. They don't mean anything anymore.

In related news, I was actually talking to my therapist this week about sort of the same thing. Anyway, I hate most rhetoric and my therapist was saying that he really dislikes the phrase "Fake it til you make it." And, my reply? "I always think of Apprentice: Martha Stewart when I hear that." And, at that moment, I saw my doctor mentally clear an hour a week in his calendar for the next five to seven. Waa. This may sound random and a little insane, but all of the redundancies I mentioned are precisely why So, You Think You Can Dance is the best reality show on television. They constantly change the format and it keeps you engaged. And when they change the format, they're very honest about why they're doing it. It's purely to make things more exciting. In the end, their purpose of delivering dance to a wide audience is better served because we're all more engaged by the show format and the ins and outs of the competition rules. Something about Project Runway really needs to be changed around. I forget almost everything that has been made the second I click off the television. I'm afraid that Buffi's melted cotton candy bird's nest hat is going to be my only memory of this entire season.

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