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Waste Not, Want Not
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Previously: Michael won the challenge, for updating Pam Grier's iconic look. Now, if he could only update her acting talent. For real, her work on The L Word is painful. Jeffrey was a dick to Angela in the sewing room, because he's incredibly talented and successful and she's cramping his style. Also previously, my heart was broken and my beloved Bradley Baumkirchner was taken away. And, after a week of shaking my fists at the heaven and kissing the clock every time it read "12:34" in the hopes that my wishes would replace Bradley's dismissal with, I don't know, anybody's... we're back for another episode of Project Not Working Out The Way Jeff Had Hopedway.

It's morning, and Michael makes sure that Robert is awake as he's on his way to the potty. He interviews that he was very excited to win the last challenge. It has motivated him and he wants to win again. Robert notes that he and Michael are the last guys remaining from their apartment.

In the other boys' apartment, Vincent laments Bradley's departure. "My boy is gone!" That's sweet, but I'm feeling territorial and would like to cut him. Vincent says that the judging is subjective, then screams at Kayne of Many Colors, "N O Vay Shun!" I love it when they play phonetics. Let me! Okay, here goes: you're crazy, Vincent. ... I don't think I did it right.

Vincent reminds us that he cashed in his 401k and quit a job to be on Project Runway. That totally freaks me out for his child. Granted, he's 49, so his 401k may actually be substantial; but fame doesn't always pay the bills. Even though this show brings a lot of attention (and Vincent is clearly a stand-out personality, for better or worse), it seems like such a huge risk to assume that you will be able to parlay that into a family-sustaining paycheck. And unless Vincent makes a massive turnaround in future challenges, no one's going to be beating down his door to get a piece of clothing made by him. Even if he's incredibly talented, that's not what we've seen. I'm probably ignorant to the myriad ways just being a celebrity can bring in cash, but... if Vincent was expecting this to really be his calling card, I think he's in trouble.

Vincent continues in his interview, saying that the show is the riskiest thing that he has done, but he thinks he has the "talent and the construction skills" (not to mention "delusion") to make it to the final three.

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