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Wall To Wall

Next is Bradley Baumkirchner's design. It's made from a mattress and a comforter. It's a short dress that hits just above the knee. It's not particularly pretty, but I'd say that it does say who Bradley is as a designer. It's very modern and looks to have some edgy dissonant touches. Kind of space suit-y. On top of the dress, he has made a jacket/shawl creation. One side covers her shoulder like a wrap, while the other side has a sleeve. I mean, I wouldn't buy it for my mom, but it's pretty innovative. Bradley interviews that he has never had a design of his walked down a runway. It was emotional experience for him and he thought he might cry. Just as we hear him say that, a feather from the comforter he used flies free from his dress.

Keith's dress is next. He made it with a bed sheet and his model's name is Nazri. It's a simple halter dress. It looks lovely and really well made. There's lots of intricate layering and pleating and it fits Nazri like a dream. The sheet's deep blue color seems to be doing a lot of work for him. It's beautiful. And he certainly used that accessories wall, as Nazri's sporting about eighteen pounds of beads right now. Keith says that he thinks his dress was the prettiest and that all others were "costume-y." I feel like that's kind of a stupid thing to say when everyone had to make their designs out of towels and whatnot, but...he may have a point.

Up next is Angela Keslar's design. It's a skirt and top made from a leather chaise cover, bed sheets, wall hangings, and flowers. Her model is Clarissa. You know, it's not bad for what it is. It's a leather skirt with a top that is cut down to the waist, where it's belted. The top wraps in the back. Clarissa is carrying a thicket of flowers. That's kind of ridiculous.

Kayne of Many Colors's model, Jia, walks next. He used a floor mat, feathers, a vinyl stool, and a bed sheet for his design. It looks really well tailored. It's kind of a sweetheart neckline with straps in a halter. There are stripes of different fabric in the bodice. At the waist, the skirt begins and is tight over the hips. Then it kind of flares and ends right above the knee. In the back, there's more fabric which creates a sort of train. As well, there are unique ribbons of floor mat trailing in the back. He interviews that he changed the bottom of his design three or four times, but he's happy with what he finally sent down the runway.

Malan's model, Moon, is next. She is wearing a garment made from rugs and ottoman fabric. It's interesting. It's a top and skirt. The top's collar is tailored somewhat like a Chanel suit and is belted. The fabric is really thick and...rug-like. The skirt is tea-length and fitted. Behind the knees are a couple of panels that give the skirt some volume. Malan interviews that he is nervous. He's afraid that "the art elements of the design might be misperceived." Then he says that he started shaking for the first time in, like, fifteen years. The man has never shaken once in his adult life. Good for him.

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