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Wall To Wall

Laura is working on her design, which has a jacket with a huge fur collar. Malan compliments the jacket, saying it reminds him of Clara Bow. Laura interviews that she thinks her work is elegant, restrained, and glamorous. "It's very New York."

We see Robert recommend to Angela that she use a hot glue gun to finish her design and she looks at him incredulously. They don't do hot glue in Ohio. Stacey is still struggling.

Michael is making a dress from coffee maker filters and Kayne of Many Colors compliments it, saying, "It looks soft and like it smells like Febreze."

Tim enters and tells the designers that their models are about to arrive. They will have three hours to send them through the L'Oreal Make-up room and the Tresemme hair salon. And we're introduced to the Macy's accessory wall, which the designers are free to use.

The models enter with photos of their designers and go to their workstations. Alison's model says she would actually wear the design that Alison has made. Bonnie is having trouble keeping the boobs of her model covered. Stacey has to make a panty for her dress because it's too sheer.

Vincent is still working the basket hat. He puts it on his poor model with some huge sunglasses. Bonnie interviews that the model looked like she was "waiting to be beamed up to Mars." Uli interviews that she wanted to say something to him about the hat being utterly ridiculous, but "he was so proud of that hat." Uli's sweet. I don't know, y'all. Vincent is seriously crazy. I almost feel bad making jokes about him.

Hair. Make-up. Vincent's model seems really tolerant of his wackiness. Tim enters and tells everyone that it is time for the runway show. Commercials. Wait, did Bravo just have a poll where they ask us which of three designers should be auf'd? Are they telling us the bottom three before the runway show is even shown? I don't like that.

Heidi greets everyone on the runway. This year, the winner will receive a spread in Elle, a mentorship with INC (International Concepts Design), a year of representation from Designers Management Agency, a brand new 2007 Saturn Sky Roadster, and $100,000 to start their own line. So long, Banana Republic, huh? The judges are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and handbag queen Kate Spade. And the show begins.

The first design belongs to Laura Bennett. She used a fur rug and a chandelier. Her model's name is Katie. It looks good. The fur wraps around the collar like an old Hollywood wrap. There are also rings of fur at the sleeves. The fabric is lavender and the coat closes at the waist, just below the fur, with a bow. Glass from the chandelier is attached asymmetrically all over the bottom of the coat, including pieces that dangled below the hem. We hear a voice-over from Laura saying that the runway show was exciting and surreal.

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