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Wall To Wall

"Let the drama begin!" laughs Angela. She interviews that she is nervous about the time constraints. She says she will be happy to just finish a garment. Kayne of Many Colors works mostly with silk charmeuse and silk chiffon, so a rubber doormat is a departure for him.

Keith reminds us that he's a menswear designer. Is this guy going to be another Emmett? Shut up about the menswear and make a fucking skirt. In fact, Keith has NEVER made a dress. But he thinks he has the best taste there and that his dress will be really hot.

Jeffrey interviews, while hooded, that he knows construction like the back of his hand. He's not worried about his design. His pincushion looks like a voodoo doll. He chuckles that he hasn't decided who it will be yet.

Bradley laughs at Katie because she is using a bedspread and there are feathers floating all around her. She says she's trying to take out the designers with allergies.

Stacey is having a problem at the sewing machines. She interviews that she has only been designing for three years and has never used industrial sewing machines. She asks Keith for some advice, and later we see him interviewing about how everyone should be able to use a sewing machine. With his eyes narrowed to small slits, he recalls Stacey saying that the machines weren't working, and he replies, "No, you just don't know how to use the machines." Bitchy, but I think I like it. Finally, Stacey decides to sew by hand. I mean, you'd think she would've dropped by a Sears or something between auditions and coming to the show to learn how to use a damn sewing machine. I realize it's not that easy, but they're using the same machines that have been used on the show every season.

With two hours remaining, Tim Gunn arrives. Vincent gets his attention first. He has made a dress with pockets that Tim deems cartoon-like. Vincent keeps saying that he digs it, while Jeffrey kind of looks on. Jeffrey, this time without his hood because he's serious, says that Vincent is obviously nuts. Vincent has a wicker basket thing that he thinks he will use as a hat. Tim doesn’t think that the hat on its own will work, so Vincent puts a chain on it. It's a mess. Vincent's all giggling and saying, "It's working!"

Jeffrey shows Tim his stuff. He has made a jacket to go over a dress. He interviews that he wants to make stuff that's different and better than the designs of the other designers. Tim feels like his jacket is competing with the dress.

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