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Wall To Wall

They have fifteen minutes to collect all of the materials they can. They all start running back downstairs, with Vincent taking his time. That makes me feel a little better about him, like he's watching his stress levels or something. Malan is unnerved by the rush and compares everyone to "cattle trying to get to a feeder."

We see Keith ripping down some curtains (which looks like it would be a hell of a lot of fun to do) and he interviews that he knew exactly what he wanted, because he "knew everything in that apartment." Photographic memory? Casing the joint? Not sure.

Kayne of Many Colors is cutting off the seat of a barstool. Laura says that she immediately went for "the fur and the sparkles." She grabs a white throw rug or something, and the sparkles are hanging from a mobile thing. She knew that she could "create fabulousness" if she had them.

With ten minutes remaining, we see Alison ripping some fabric. Angela rips off the leather upholstery on a chaise lounge while Stacey is ripping down some curtains. It really is thrilling to see them tearing this place apart. Stacey interviews that, aside from taking the materials she needed for her design, she took items that she thought other designers might want.

As Angela is stuffing stuff in her laundry bag, Laura says that she looks like she's coming from a yard sale. Bradley finds a pillow and takes the case. Robert says that it was actually the pillow that he brought from home. He interviews that he brings his own pillow with him places because he's "a big baby." I guess he got his pillowcase back. Malan is also irritated by the "inappropriate" behavior of all of the designers. Easily irritated, this Malan.

After the fifteen minutes is up, Robert looks around the decimated apartment and says, "I don't want to live here after this." Vincent interviews that he has no idea what he wants to make. Commercials. They can make that the cliffhanger for every break. Is Vincent going to lose his mind in the next segment? Stay tuned.

When the designers finally get to the workroom, Robert notices that everyone is having to edit the items that they brought from the apartment, "because a hanging plant might not make it into your runway look for good reason."

Tim enters and holds his first "gather 'round" of the season. He welcomes them to Parsons. Malan's hair has volumized a little and he's starting to resemble Winona Ryder in Lucas. That's not pretty. Tim tells them that they will have until 1 AM to work on their looks. The clock above his head reads a little after 5 PM now. He wants them to be innovative and show who they are as designers. A model has been assigned to each of them and, at their workspaces, they have their model's measurements. Finally, he tells them that the winner of the challenge will have immunity for the next challenge. This gets a silent "Yes" from Robert. And, with a "Good luck and make it work" from Tim, the designers start working.

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